Sunday, October 1, 2017

100% painted 1600 pts US army


Since finishing Trovarion's zombie bust I was hoping to jump deeper into fantasy theme, but once again Bolt Action was stroger. Main reason was the fact I needed just a few models done to get my US army force 100% painted.

So first of the bunch: Willys Jeep.
Actually this one was finished few weeks back, but somehow forgot to take any pictures of painted model. As mentioned earlier assembling the model was kinda pain in the ass, so I am more than happy seeing this little pest painted.
You may notice (or not) that mmg's barrel is placcy replacement from M3A1 halftrack. It's because I simply lost original piece during works. But since the bond is pretty solid (greenstuff + superglue) so until now there was no accidents while riding to gaming spot.

As for gaming I really like this little bastard: it's small, fast, cheap and scare the shit out or enemy forward observers, spotters and ficed weapons' crews.

As for most recent painting progress in order to get an over 1000 pts army fully pained I needed another officer to lead the second platoon and bit of anti-tank punch.
For the second lieutenant I chose West Wind's infantry model from Berling or Bust game. I really like it's running pose, this combined with "young" look gives impression of impetuous, hot-headed killing machine, feeling best at the very front line of battle!
I probably should organize him a bodyguard or two...

As for upgrading anti-tank fist I finally painted M1 57 mm gun's crew and additional bazooka team.
Black Tree's infantry minis often have kinda weird / deformed faces (I assume it's simply because sculpts were made a while back) but I love wide selection of models they provide.
Not mentioning the fact every week there are promotions in the official online store so you can actually build core of any force really cheap,

And cherry on the top:
last week I was asked to show pic of the whole army but decided to put it on hold until both platoons are fully painted. At this stage it's about 1600 pts strong (some more if veterans are hired) and it's rather reliable and balanced, providing lots of fun and nazi-spanking (sometimes).
There are still reserves waiting for painting (and decals...) but it's nothing urgent at this stage: about 25 riflemen, several BAR operators, 2,5t transport truck, light tank.
Hope you like it.



  1. A superb achievement! The force looks really cohesive. I agree - those jeeps are a pain to assemble; I'd rather slam my balls in a drawer than assemble another one.

    1. Hehehehe, correct!
      Lucku me and my balls the other armoured car I have is Greyhound :D

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers dude, cannot wait to test them in the field!