Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Brickworks (terrain piece)


January belongs to terrain building, no doubts about it.
Just about 2 weeks ago I finished lasercut house for Bolt Action and now added another set, once again from Black Grom Studio: Brickworks.

Must say I've never felt any fondness for lasecut terrain pieces, always liked building stuff myself - from the scratch. But since we got some buildings for Bolt Action must admit I changed my mind a bit.

I am busy. Really, have not much time for hobby so if I want to work on minis it usually takes place late night. Preparing terrain "oldschool way" was fun but also rather time consuming so using lasercut models is just time saver. BIG time saver...

As for these below models were assembled and instead of airbrushing walls (which was initial idea) I printed brick textures (available free on Black Grom blog), cut to fit and attached with diluted PVA glue. 
After glue dried buildings were washed with heavily diluted pigment+was mixture, sprinkled with some powdered chalk and then sprayed with heavu layer of matt varnish (these are gaming pieces after all).
More-less easy as fu*k and the result is quite pleasant.

There's not much room on my desk for such a large models so here's the brickworks on our game table. Some more buildings will be added as soon as GIs staggering around desk are painted and added to the squads. 
There should also be walkthrough about assembling similar models so stay tuned.

Take care!


  1. Yeah, I've found decent producer.
    Can drop you a link if you wish ;-)

  2. Very effective. I agree if you are limited for time lasercut stuff is very useful. The extra steps to make them look good are very worthwhile though. Great work!

  3. Cheers Kym,

    Yeah - real life changes the hobby:
    either it's flexible or it's none.
    What a living nightmare...

  4. Those look great for lazer cut efforts.

    1. Must say I am also nicely surprised about the final result.
      And finishing such a building is like 2-3 evenings!