Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Warmaster ogres

And now it's something completly different:


I got a single blister of these tiny fellas long time ago, cannot really remember where, but they've been rotting in THE BIG JAR for like 10-15 years. Horrible fate for a miniature... 
Recently I was invited to polish Warmaster FB community and decided to excavate these guys and give them some paint slapping. Little paint slapping that is...

So here they are. Working on such models was a nice break. I also have remaining 2 bases so I think I'll get myself full unit of ogres - just in case I decided to start running Chaos army sometimes. You never know...

And while browsing content of THE JAR I've also found something which should fit role of army's general just fine: it's the gargoyle!!!
But not just "some" gargoyle, but the one from Heroquest!
Now I need to find that missing wing so it can get fresh colors...


  1. A heroquest gargoyle?

    Excellent miniatures. Epic, Warmaster, heroquest... I miss the old good days. Yeah I had no sex at all at that time but everything was fucking awesome.

    Citadel minis were so "obscure" and captivating...

    You did a great job bringing em back to life


  2. Oh, these are enormously charming. Awesome work on them, they look imposing (even at this scale!). Great job!

  3. Oh,Warmaster, so much to answer for. I loved the idea of that game but was the only one of my mates who did. Seemed to die on the vine in my part of the world.

    Nice shout on the Gargoyle. I do like the "sod it, BIG GENERAL" approach to Warmaster Chaos...

  4. Thanks guys,

    Yeah - I totally agree about "charm" of the oldschool stuff. Got the feeling back days these games were made by fans and gamers for gamers, not just to suck the wallets dry...

    1. Since 40k 3rd edition I got something in my pants they can suck dry. And my wallet is in my other trousers, if you know what I mean.

      The pushed me so out of the 'biz' I started making my own shit to fulfill my painting needs...

    2. What shit exactly?
      Might get some ideas for new way of life...

  5. Sorry I appear to have wandered into the wrong blog, this one is now full of CUTE stuff.

    Actually pretty nice minis......

    Pretty, cute, wtf is going on?

  6. My lady left me last August (therefore there was moving) so apparently I went nuts...

    Hey! What else is cute except for Microhammer stuff? ><


  7. Great models and well painted sir 😀 Cheers!

  8. Bardzo klimatyczne ogry i w ogóle ale OMG jak zazdraszczam gargorla!! :D