Friday, August 21, 2020

Nazi horse cart (Horsepanzerwagen)


A while back I painted Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer for my brother's birthday. Since then he strongly expanded his German force and because his big day is just ahead I decided to prepare something special...

This time it's in my opinion one of the most pain in the a$$ model available in whole German army (or any army which can field it): horse-drawn limber (proxy-ish...^^).

I mean: sure, it cannot tow heavy artillery, it has no gun, it can be taken down by infantry fire, it's huge (the biggest-base model for Bolt Action I painted evah!), buuut...

It costs 8 points! Got that? You get additinal order dice for 8 pathetic points!

As for model itself the construction is based on Black Grom Studio cart which I got a while back. It's been used as terrain piece for a while but wanted to make of it something better than just one more cover for infantry. Horses are from black coach set I painted long time ago - no idea what's the manufactuter of the set, it was painting commission.

Now looking at it I want to paint something from fantasy range again... Cute, eh?

The crewmen are most probably from Rubicon's vehicle: friend of mine is much more player than painter so he didn't mind sharing spare Fritz, Heinz and Adi with me.

Painting is nothing fancy: 
wanted to keep limited palette so it looks cool standing among rest of German models but to make model more eye catching I added the nazi flag and some gold shining from under hay. These guys were probably looting and now trying to get back to Berlin...

Hope you like it, hope my brother likes it but I really, really hope to see it on the battlefield shortly so I can wreck it! 8 points!!! 
Unbelievable!!! ><

Some work in progress shots:

Soviet infantry looking for the gold:

And Horsepanzerwagen itself:

I made hay and gold removable so in the transport other supplies:

Quite big - which makes it even more useless on the battlefield... ^^

Happy birthday, bro! Use the gold wisely!


  1. Dzięki,

    Brat również docenił nową zabawkę ;-)

  2. Your excellent work on historical makes me wish I liked historical.

    TBH in the past 3 months I got at least 3 cardboard chips games and I'm enjoying them as far as they are light (but the about union Vs confederates, that one kicks my ass hard).

    Maybe some day my tastes will grow broader than fantasy and fart jokes. I'm trying hard.

    To enjoy other stuff I meant, not farting.

  3. Hehe, cheers mate!
    As for board games I used to play some but now I think I need something more demanding, requiring more engagement:
    and collecting stuff, painting it, making terrain etc seems to fit my "hobby hole" just right ;-)

  4. Not the most menacing or glamorous unit on the board for sure... But it's got the bullion! You did a respectful job on this most humble of WW2 vehicles.

    1. Hehehe, cheers!
      Yeah, gold got extremly precious during time of the crisis. I think these Germans can fund eastern front campaign with it! ;-p

  5. That's crazy xD 8 points for kind of dish plate on the table :-D how can you even supposed to maneuver it?

  6. Pfff, but if can get even longer!
    It can tow medium artillery!
    Imagine another 10 cm long base just behind the cart! ^^

  7. Hah, I love such low-key pieces! It wasn't all Tigers and Pathers after all :) Great work too!

    1. Hehe, true!
      Besides there's much more fun with lots of crappy units staggering on the battlefield than with big ol' Tiger! ;-)

    2. It's low-key and I like it :)