Sunday, September 13, 2020

Zombicide thing

This time something rather unusual: placcy piece from Zombicide board game.
Apparently the game is quite popular but I've never seen it until recently friend of mine brought some Zombicide stuff for Bolt Action game.

I was actually interested  only in models not the game. And models are really cool - one more bendy plastic technological marvel with all those details and digital design: totally not my cup of tea. But that's what happens when you become old, grumpy, hobby dude - everything seems to be kinda f#cked...

The model was painted for that friend, actually - his kid who's leukemia survivor (was born with that shit). During the game kid got some nosebleed and he (and his dad) got kinda scarred, kid started panic etc for obvious reasons. All in all everything was ok, but I declared to paint one of zombies (or alien ghouls - whatever the f#ck it really is) to cheer the kid up.
Hope it does the trick.

Scavvies for attention, Looking at the picture I think I could use couple of those as Scavvy ghouls (remind me ghouls from Fallout 3):


  1. Wow, that thing is scary! Cool paintjob. Besides, the story behind is touching; kudos to you

  2. Thank you,

    Hope the gift did the job and made the kid feel better. It's nothing, but sometimes such nothing is all you can do.

  3. You sure made the kid feel better. IKR.

    Little people appreciate when adults care for their shit (the important shit for them: their fantasies not how they dress or what they eat) so I guess it moved kids attention from a current problem to a near future excitement, about which I sure he/she was super pumped about.

    These are from INVADER (zombicide in spaaaace). Feel the same tho: I'm the old fart who thinks all these computery designinated minis look super dynamic BUT at the same time doesn't tell me a thing. I can't relate to the crap no matter how.

    However, board games are way better balanced, accessible and funnier than wargames, that's why I rather paint crappy bendy soulless minis than proper ones: games are way funnier IMHO and it's something wife can get into (arround 200 boardgames into my shelf now).

    Dude... Donating blood, cheering kids. You just need to kill a king to be my personal hero.

    Hope you get a constant flow of bleeding kids into your house if that keeps you painting fantasy.😏

    Darkest possible Humor, sorry. Cheers pal🤘

    1. > Little people appreciate when adults care for their shit

      YES. They notice. Being a kid is feeling small and vulnerable a lot. When adults notice you're having a bad time and try to reach out, it really does make a child feel secure and cared for. My kids will remember for AGES even the littlest things I did for them.

  4. Javi, how the hell you put those emots into blogger comments?!?!? O_o

    (And thanks for the comment. I am expecting some court struggle for my own kids in few months so being a do-gooder ain't 'nuff...)

    1. Windows key + semicolon key brings up an emoji keyboard on PC!


    2. IT'S ALLLIVVVE!!! 😁 😈 👾 👻 💩

  5. 3 words: have, big, balls.

    Not really, I just blog using my cellphone so writing is a chore but you get to add 🧐 thru a tab in the "keyboard".

    Best luck with that court struggle. The three words advice may or may not apply here.


    1. Indeed, I actually would prefer not to expose my balls before the court in such a case... 🥚🥚


  6. Ogólna czerwoność dobrze skontrastowana zieleniawymi przebarwieniami.