Thursday, July 28, 2022

Mummies - finished!

The most expensive unit in the Undead Army project is finished!
Most expensive at this point of course, because there are still some wraiths waiting for paintjob and each of those floating bed sheets cost like half more then a single mummy! 😳

Anyway I am very glad to see this regiment finished. Also of all mummies done so far I am most satisfied of the three just finished. I think it's just because after painting 10 models I finally achieved more - less the effect I wanted. Besides on the last trio there was almost no "useless" painting, like shading / highlighting which turned out barely seen or not seen at all in the end. Only few necessary layers on each element. The simplier - the better as always.
It's should become my life motto or something... 🤔

And also there's a little story behind two models wearing crowns (which in my opinion are the very best sculpts of all Gary Morley's mummies). These two were the first mummies I got second hand at the beginning of my Warhammer adventure. Yet in high school I think.
These were the only mummies I had so I couldn't even form a unit of them 😔
But since this was still Undead era (and not Vampire Counts crap) I could field Mummy Tomb King hero - and the model with crown and flail definitely looks like a character! He's even carrying magic items: Flail of Skulls and Crown of Something Else! 🤩 
It was really tough character but also really slow. So I decided tu put him on skeleton steed. Legs of the other mummy (one with 3 spikes-crown) fitted undead horse just right so I chopped both models waist down and switched their legs.

I've never glued new character onto it's mount. Never seen it in combat either and until now - never gave it any paintjob. In fact shortly after performing that morbid surgery Vampite Counts army appeared so my damaged mummies have fallen into oblivion.

Until now. 

It turned out I was able to switch back legs of the models, fill the gaps and add some missing bandages so now they're fine and frisky. For ancient and reanimated cadavers that is. 
Whole that living the past events is worrying me. The longer I'm here the more often I turn back from looking into the future, looking into the past instead. Anyway - here they are:

And whole unit - ready to invade The Old World in the name of Nagash!



  1. Lovely work on the mummies!

    They're really characterful sculpts and you've really done them justice and I love the bases too! It's one of the few things I don't like about the oldschool GW and Oldhammer armies is the insistence on the Goblin Green bases but the more realistic basing you've gone for looks fantastic!

  2. Really ugly models, with really good paintjob. Nice work with giving them second unlife.

  3. @Spacecow: cheers Rich!
    I mys say I had serious dilemma about choosing bases color - magic of Goblin Green was so strong! But all in all I am glad I've managed to resist it 😉

    @Banana-man: well, they say the second un-life starts after you reach 40 😋

  4. Fajny unit. Tylko dlaczego Nagash ma inną podstawkę?

  5. So we imagine you in front of your resurrected miniature as Young Frankenstein: "IT COULD WORK!"...
    It's nice to learn a story behind a miniature, in the end you get attached and happy when you find the right place for it.
    And the right place is at the head of a unit of mummies, which make a terrible impression on the battlefield! What colour did you use for the greenish skin tone?

  6. Excellent work on these classic(?!) old sculpts! :D

  7. Świetne malowanie, oddział prezentuje się kapitalnie. No i kiedyś, to jednak było... :)

  8. Thanx all for feedback 🤗
    Great to see old bones and bandages can still drag some attention!

    @Rodor: green flesh is cayman green, and then highlighted with base color with more and more bleached bone. Then came devlan mud wash and after it dried I redone some top highlights.
    That's it 😊

    @G-or-G & Azazel: cheers guys!!!

    @quidamcorvus: no kuuur#a... 😎

  9. Coś pięknego. Klocek jak ta lala, a każdy mumń charakterny, że ho ho. Świetne podstawki i klimatyczne malowanie.

  10. Piękne dzięki zią!
    Mam nadzieję, że główny oddział też będzie z charakterem, ale na ten moment nawet mi się nie chce sklejać ~40 szkielecików o malowaniu nie mówiąc... 😫

  11. It's fantastic how much they do stand out with such an obvious restricted palette. You really brought them to lif... ehh. Well, you know what I mean.