Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Raze (Dark Age)

I've just came back from Khemri and because some Cryx models are still getting ready in paint stripper spa, decision was made to rescue something else from the very bottom of paint stripper container.

What you see below is Raze from Dark Age range. From what I can see I got it almost 10 years ago but somehow never managed to make any use of this model. Must say I got Dark Age materials + some models just because of Brom's artworks. These is really coor but also really weird sh!t, so that's probably the reason I painted only 2 minis from the range so far.
The fact game rules aren't anything special also could have something to do...

It's my 3rd attempt to paint this models and I'm really glad I can finally see it painted and sealed. Had some ideas how to paint it but once again I feel just best using natural tones. I am still considering adding some blood on the piece. Not sure is the "pizza cutter" the best place for it - it's rotating blade so my guess is if such a weapon hits the flesh - the blood should cover just like everywhere, and I am rather satisfied of the paintwork... 😁

The model is pretty unique both by design and size - probably that's because I couldn't find any use for it on gaming table. Looking at it compared to other models, it could proxy Chaos Dreadnought with ease. It's makes Skaven rat ogre look like a kid, not even mentiotning human size miniatures (on the pic - Warzone Cybertronic chasseur hero). 
Really happy to see it crossed off the shame list. Time to wash off sth more ordinary...

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