Sunday, March 26, 2023

Golem of darkness / Nepharite warlord

I didn't expect it but Dark Legion force got another character shortly after finishing secret kohorts last week. As mentioned before I had to paint somthing totally different after dealing with 13 red/rapsberry robes so old Golem of darkness model was just perfect for this task.

I really dig official artwork - this guy is just cold, cosmic killing machine. The sculpt is 95% flesh so painting is quick and easy using airbrush. It's large model so it should look just great among standard size cultists or indead legionnaires. Just check this beautie:

And here's the model - not as cool as artwork but still pretty good consindering oldschool Warzone range. The problem was the glaive's pole broke. It's thing and metal part so I couldn't pin the parts so model could be used as gaming piece.

The only choice was quick battlefield surgery. Initially I wanted to rebuild melee weapon palm and replace the original one but that was Golem's left hand would look kinda odd. After some excavation in the bits box I found enough parts to replace both palms: right one got gun instead of glaive, left one got chainsword / ripper / shrubbery cutter.
Why such weapon choice? 
It turned out there's another character called Nepharite warlord (junior nepharite) with no official model but carrying Voriche heavy handgun and one-arm Azogar (that bread cutter). And in game it's even better then Golem, because Nepharite warlord is commander of zombie squads boosting their more then pathetic statistics. So here it is:



  1. The rearming of the golem is cool: so he (it?) appears more fi-sci than with the classic and less imposing glaive. Do you know the author of the artwork you posted? Compared to the illustration, you chose a grayer skin tone: is this a tribute to the traditional clay/stone golems?

  2. @tucznik: With these shoes mr. Golem will kick your Mishima-a$$!
    @Rodor: Thanks mate! I actually didn't mind the glaive but now, with both new palms the models is 100% WYSIWYG (if anyone cares πŸ˜‹ ). No idea who painted original artwork - sadly. And as for skintone: at first I was aiming for dark olive (similar to artwork) but I wasn't able to highlight it properly so details are visible so decision was made to create "clay golem" πŸ˜‰

  3. Feeble pussy human... Studio Parente did, of course!

    Lovely. I like what's going on there: the art was killer yet... I have to admit, samey. This golem's face, the heretic masks, razides, crimson furies... these faces were iconic yet you got a bunch of dudes looking far close to each other.

    Fluff wise you may say everyone fancied "algeroth" face but meh.

    In short the skin variations look really dark techy BUT -1 dark soul point for the lack of knowledge (Illian disaproves) and -1 point for the gailve (despite the imaginative solution, Algeroth is disappointed any lazy tekron would drill that hand and use a rod ).

    3 points for GriffinDork! (derpface seal applause).

    I bet you imagined a seal. I meant a navy seal! You made Capitol sad! -1 Corp point πŸ‘Ή

    Lucky for you, u ain't totally useless: At least you are not Mishima folk. 🀣

    Keep the good ol' mutie chronicles coming mate. It always cheers me up seeing these arround 🍻

    1. I humbly accept the beating: I truly failed Ilian's trust πŸ˜₯

      Believe me I tried drilling the rod to recreate original look but failed - either I don't have drills thin enough or the rod was just too slim for drilling.

      And there's little surprise - next one coming is actually Mishima dude... 😏

    2. I get the joke: yours is too thin so you moved into Mishima. Makes perfect sense πŸ˜„

      Kidding apart IMHO mishima minis are crying out loud for your painting style.

      Studio paint jobs were like all white with some red here and there. Unless they had armor. Then full blue 🀦‍♂️

    3. So far I painted only one Mishima model from what I recall but that demon hunter piece is just supercool. Must say it's just supercool piece even for modern standards! 😳