Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Mishima vs Legion battle report

After dealing with Cybertronic invaders in 2021 and 2022 my peace loving Dark Legion was brutally attacked by Mishima expeditionary force. So once again local nepharite had to defend everything Algeroth and Dark Apostles stands for (whatever it really is 😈).

About week ago my one true foe has finally got over 1000 pts Mishima force painted, so it was time to test new toys in the field. It turned out getting old samurai models it pretty hard task nowdays, so my opponent decided to gather rather elite force, hoping to expend the army in the future. Really would like to see force based on samurai warriors and ashigaru in action one day.

Initially the plan was to test some home rules to make 1st edition of Warzone game more dynamic. Or just dynamic, even by tiny bit... 😋 But after both armies and beers were unpacked on the battlefield decision was made to use basic rules with no crappy modifications. Nostalgy factor turned out to be way too strong to resist.

We were both taking pic hoping to assemble detailed game report, but the next day it turned out lots of photos were just f#cked, so it's rather overall relation then detailed report. Who cares anyway - we all know the only thing that matters are pics of painted models in action.

So here's overall view on the battlefield.
Dark Legion force has been deployed in the corner with a pond (most probably toxic), so Mishima invaders started the game in the opposite corner:

Horde of necromutants and cultists are emerging from forest torched by those heartless Mishima bastards... 🤬 There are some rules of war, you know? Bastards!

And here are the torchers - cold, heartless battle droids supported by inquisitor! I bet it was his idea! Goddamn Brotherhood! Just look like happy they look!

Squad of suicide warheads covered by crimson devils unit emerging from field of cosmic rice:

Whole bunch of these anime-devils emerging from deployment zone:

Line of elite Dark Legion commandos trying to reach enemy with long range weapons:

Solid training, bit of luck plus long ammo belt and razide gave crimson devils what they deserved. I'm guessing trees should now grow better in this area:

At the same time cultists of Algetorh are sneaking behing boccage towards enemy positions:

Suicide warheads detected squad of necromutants led by mighty nephatite of Algeroth. They rushed towards the servant of Darkness to perform deadly attack but they've managed to inflict only 3 wounds! Nepharite got a chance to fall beck behind necromutants to regenerate:

Crimson devil specialist covering battlefield with fire from his heavy machine gun:

While rest of his comrades are reaching safe positions in the ruins:

Squad of cultists is preparing to take over statue and altar of Ancient Evil. This is actually staged photo - Mishima battle droid were dead long before my trusty cultists reached the altar. Yet it's still cool picture and the hobby is all about looking at nice minis 😊

It was fun to see Warzone alive once again. Despite all drawbacks of the 1st edition seeing these old, clumsy sculpts staggering on the battlefield is just pure joy. At this very moment group of the last 3 cultist is standing on the painting desk, so maybe next time I'll be able to field 2 squads from secret kohorts range. Really want to get them done as soon as possible - I am getting sick from these rapsberry/red rags... 🤢


  1. Ech, jak ja bym sobie takie coś zagrał...Dzięki za raport, 1ed rulez!

  2. Great feat of your Dark Legion! Please tell us that in the end some of the Mishima Gooks were immolated on the altar of the gods and reduced to sushi! 🍣
    We look forward to seeing the multiplication of your kohorts...maybe with a different colour?

  3. @ES: fajnie że się podobało 🙂
    Stara edycja jest fajna ale dynamiczną to zdecydowanie nazwać jej nie można ^^

    @Rodor: of course the rest of them have been sacrificed, including cameraman! That's why there's no pics from this event!

    As for more kohorts - there are only 3 more models left (thank Chaos Gods!) including necromagus, so I'll rather stick to reddish scheme to make whole group coherent 😉

  4. Replies
    1. Cheers mate! Glad you like pics of painted toy soiders in action 😉
      Today I am finishing the last Secret Kohort trio so I can move to different undead/mutant monstrocity... 💀