Sunday, September 17, 2023

Candy Lobster Duke

This summer was a hobby nightmare. During two ghastly and hot months I've managed to paint only 5 models and play a single miniatures game. Back days I would naver say that, but thank Satan the summer is over. Maybe now the hobby can be put on the right tracks.

This one took me much more time then is should which makes me double happy my unit of Chaos Knighs got proper champion. Exalted champion to be more specific. The unit itself is pretty strking (for my sandards) so I wanted the champion to be even more eyecatching. At first the plan was to use original mounted chaos model, but all in all decision was made to practice some microscale surgery on innocent victim dragged out from the pile of shame 👨🏻‍⚕️

The rider is Red Duke vampire upgraded with demonette claw, Archaon's shield and mounted on oldie steed of Slaanesh. Personally I think Red Duke is one of the best vampire models GW ever released, but sadly - I was never able to give it paintwork it deserves. Same is this time but I deeply hope the claw, shield, bald head and candy pony efficiently distract viewers' attention from, mostly dull as hell, armour.

The model was placed on monster-size base, because of it's oversized claw, and unit champion's mutated arm: it was impossible to put these two in the middle of the  unit. But otoh it's exalted champion so it can ride as big as he wishes. Besides I can always field is as daemonic mount, which is much bigger then steed of Slaansh. After all these purples and candy crap I should more then happy bringing some Bolt Action infantry on painting station...

Magic number of Slaanesh is 6 but because of the large base the champion kinda breaks the composition (unit is actually 7 "normal" bases wide). So I think he will be riding between other units  alone and the sixth proper model will be standard bearer. I always wanted to paint pinkish banner anyway...


  1. Nice crabpire on a blue on a mermaid.

  2. This crab-thing will crush your Italians next time they dare to stick heads out of their fox holes! 🦞

  3. Very cool! Well done and hopefully things pick up again soon!

  4. Cheers guys!
    Right now I've just started painting some Bolt Action G.I.s so I think I'm getting better 😉