Saturday, June 29, 2024

US infantry (winter war) #3

Not sure it's because it's been bloody hot here recently, but just a while ago I've managed to finish another bunch of US soliders from upcoming defenders of Bastorne army project (you can see rest of the guys here - squad #1 and here - squad #2). From what I can see these were the last unpainted infantry models from US range I could find - for sure from winter war range.

There's another reason for bringing out Bolt Action stuff on the painting station instead of something for Slaanesh Chaos Army project, and that reason is historical wargaming painting contest (only Polish language). It's periodical event but it's always fun: I guess you can see there models from less popular ranges - mostly wargaming models instead of dedicated display pieces.

I tried to keep similar color choice as on the previous winter squads so they all mix nicely when placed on the battlefield. Also tried not to overdo snow effect. Some artifical snow is just great for the contrast but too much of this stuff can easily ruin the paintjob (I screwed my Dodge 3/4 battle taxi this way).

I know the backdrop kinda sucks for winter themed models but it's the best I could get for my camera settings. Tried several times and have no idea how can I get proper colors using neutral background - like white sheet of paper or something like that. Here they are anyway. There's also vehicle for the same contest coming so stay tuned!

And the whole winter infantry at this stage. I think I might re-paint some old GIs winter fashion, so defenders of Bastogne can get full squads.


  1. I kolejne modele pomalowane, gratulacje. :)

    Powodzenia w konkursie!

    1. Dzięki, u mnie to efekt yoyo - jak nie susza to powódź 😉
      Ten konkurs na Strategiach to spoko sprawa - bez żadnej napinki, więc dobrze się sprawdza jako motywator.

    2. Każdy skuteczny motywator jest dobry! :)