Sunday, June 30, 2024

OT 34/85 (painting contest)

And here's the second entry for Strategie historical wargaming painting contest. Once again it's winter themed model but this time from soviet army. Although I don't play this army this model has been rotting in the pile of shame for quite a long time now so I thought I might do it a favor and save it from almost inevitable oblivion.

As for color choice I tried to use similar tones to M4A3 Sherman painted some time ago. Must say I really like that one and in my opinion it's pretty hard to make just boring green tank a bit more interesting. To break basic green some artifical snow was added so the model fits sovied assault squad painted a while back.

This version of tank is equipped with hull mounted flamethrower instead of standard mediom machine gun so I borrowed flame effect from Cryx Defiler. Back days I wasn't sure about using such add ons but now I regret I have only one to swap between models. Must check if I can get any more especially for Cryx death-chickens. That's it for now - back to work 😑

This is what it was when I found it in the bits box btw 😁

Take care o/

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