Monday, May 6, 2013

Battlefield update

Heya again!

This time it's "massive update" ^^
For the Necromunda match 2-3 weeks ago (Scavvies led by freshly nominated boss - Grinder* vs 4-men Van Saar squad) Deco dragged feckin' large supply of styrofoam to the gaming den so I can actually finish 8th module and start the last one!

Oh yes, vision of battles taken on 72"x72" modular board is getting more and more clear!

As for the battle itself as an underdog I chose Scavengers scenario and even managed to steal 3 loot counters which means one of the gangers just got the flamer! I am very happy I finally got opportunity to use the conversion made a while back and deeply hope to get it painted for the coming match.

And last Tuesday there was another engagement: long waited Scavvy vs Goliath rematch!!!
For this game I brought painted Goliath  for my opponent so yeah, it was probably the first game we played ever with fully painted gangs!
I must say again it is true that painted models fight better: these damn colors distracted me enough to forget about fact most of Goliaths bring frag grenades for the battle:
with a single successful throw Deco ruined my assault plan and all in all only some fucking miracle could have helped me.

Too bad I don't believe in miracles - Goliaths won the game and did it with class.
Below you can see the winners - the shotgun pig on the right was that nasty grenadier who became the player of the game.
I cannot believe I personaly painted his damn grenades...

We were also trying to take some pics to show battle report but it's sth which has to wait:
there are some technical problems making the pics look more - less like shit =/
You can see some of the best pics of I managed to take below - already have some ideas how to improve them, but we have to wait for the effect until the next game.
As for the improvement:
- I have to matt the buildings so they don't reflect the light
- I have to paint the ground at all - especially the white edges of modules
- Also testing camera settings in that specific light conditions should help

If you have any ideas how to improve the pictures - leave the comment ;)

What else?
For a change I managed to paint the first of my CofC Tale of Gamers Mordheim warband: small greenskin raiders party. Small 'cause painting 500 gc team is still in my reach, painting dozen or so models would be risky...
Cannot wait to see them done - painting something from fantasy range for a change was quite refreshing experience and also fun: it's always fun to paint these Kev Adams' grining fuckers =D

And the last thing for this update: Miniatures for sale post.
As you read (or not) some time ago I decided to sell part of my collection - for various reasons.
I am not desperated to do it urgently so don't want to spend cash for Ebay (yet) but I thought creating special post about it might help.
You can see the proper link on the right panel - I will be throwing there pics of models looking for new home, if you want to get any of these simply leave the comment under the post or contact me by email:

That's it for now - hope the next time I will present whole game table ready for painting.


*He dealt quite nice with his new duties: didn't screw anything up and thank to solid difference in gang ratings got 2 advance rolls after the game.


  1. Speaking as a beginner, I would say don't worry too much about getting photography right first time. Just get one or two battle reports or replays done and learn as you go. I need to buy some lighting equipment to improve mine, there is no way around that. I will also print off some textured backdrops to screen off my living room. This will help me to take the quick and dirty snaps of a game in progress and re-shoot them with more care. Once I've done that and posted up a few more battle reports that I will move on and learn something new. I think your table looks great and the lighting is better in your photos than anything I have managed so far by the way.

  2. Hey, cheers for the comment!

    In fact this is not the very first reoport I've ever made - some of them are stored on Chest of Colors board, but it's the first one played on "professional" battlefield.

    I will try to prepare (paint or print) special backdrop and repost asap =]