Monday, May 6, 2013

Miniatures for sale

If you like any of models below and would like to give it new home - simply mail me on the address: info(at)szacowanie(dot)elblag(dot)pl

Warmachine bile thralls unit:
group of 6 models ready to play. Again - models painted with acrylics and varnished - more pictures in the gallery (check the right panel).
I also made a tutorial about painting these which has been printed in Gameforces Magazine. So it's a once in a lifetime occasion to get "famous" minis ;)
If you get the models I can add that zine to the parcel free - but remember you cover the shipping cost.

Scratch built Rhino transporter:
This piece was painted for a contest (if I remember correctly) but since I cannot use it in Necromunda - it's also on the bye-bue list. Artifical water was made with Vallejo Still Water thingy.

Converted Moria troll:
The model was converted and painted for the FUUK painting contest and after that it was main striking power of my scavvy gang. In the meantime I got 2 original scalies so this one is now looking for the new master. Some more pic to be seen in the gallery.

Italian Autoblinda:
Model of WW2 military vehicle, 1:48 scale makes it fit most of tabletop games.
At least it should.


  1. Demi_morgana, I've broken down. For last several minutes I've been staring at your green fade square background with the wooden base. Simply beautiful. Did you make the background or print it out? Wooden base that was done by you right?

  2. Sh!t, I've just spotted the comment... =/
    Hope you are watching the replies.

    Anyway I made that background in Gimp like 2 years ago? Or even earlier?
    It was printed on standard laser jet.

    I made some wooden plinths and some are still available if you need.
    Sorry for the delay :)