Thursday, February 8, 2024

Small forest 😁

After providing my battlefield with solid patch of forest it turned out there is still enough materials left to be build another terrain piece. Much smaller but still decent piece of dense terrain to hide a tank, squad of men ot even big and nasty Eradicator Deathdroid

Exactly like before I used mdf sheet to make bases for trees - they can be removed for transportation or when there's too big crowd inside. Lesson learnt this time: using oven to make terrain piece dry faster is stupid idea - mdf soaked with pva bends (surprisingly...) because of the temperature so it's easy way to ruin your work pretty easily.

So here it is - looking forward to see it in action as soon as possible 😎

See? Ents moved so evil robots can have a battle in tough enviroment!


  1. Replies
    1. Dzięki, aż żal dupę ściska że nie potrzebuję jeszcze jednego 😜

    2. Brak potrzeby, to nie powód żeby nie zrobić.

    3. Zgadzam się, ale brak czasu wymusza aktywne żonglowanie malarskimi projektami 😐

  2. Very nice and effective piece of terrain to play on. Thanks for the warning about the risks of oven drying! Maybe next time you could spread jam on mdf and pass it off as a cake for your friends who came to play with you... :D

    1. Jam might not be the best idea but attaching second sheet of mdf or some thick pcv here and there should make the base more durable and therefore - bending resistant 🤔
      Might give the theory a try while working on roads.