Wednesday, March 13, 2019

WARZONE still alive!


About once or twice a year I am getting haunted by spirits of all those unpainted miniatures stashed at my place. Mostly - spirits of Warzone miniatures...
OLD Warzone, not that placcy or resin, no character crap. 
There's only one way to bring peace to those restless souls: 
bring some models to the light and give them long awaited paintjob!

Recently I had a break between painting Bolt Action infantry and Bolt Action vehicles (duh!) which was used to finish some old Warzone bits, staggering on my desk for a long while:
centurion and two trusty necromutants.

Painting was fun.
Models might seem to be kinda cranky for modern standards, but who gives a fuck about it?
I really like working or something having history, and (old) Warzone stuff always brings lots of memories from the beginning of my long road through the mysterious world of the hobby.

I remember 2 blisters of necromutants were one of the very first models I ever got. Back days I was sooo excited to bring them on the battlefield.
Remember painting them (also with enamel paints!) just to get them prepared for combat as soon as possible and when the Big Day finally came - they were all shot dead after advancing for a round or two.

Later I realised what a shit unit it really was: each model was like 3x more expensive than ordinary undead legionnaire, which was actually only bit less useless...

Still like each and every one of those. And still should have few more waiting to haunt me...

And there's more of old stuff!
Recently friend of mine was selling some Warzone stuff from RPG. Yup, back days, before miniature game there was RPG and there were even some models released!
I got 2 really old style praetorian stalkers - at this moment the paint it being washed off.
in the end they should feel really good with the rest of the praetorian family...



  1. Huzzah!

    Absolutely stunning work on the old Dark Legion gribblies! It's fab to see Warzone still getting a bit of love!

    1. Well, everyone deserves bit love sometimes...


  2. Some of those old Warzone minis are pretty cool. The ones you're painting fall into that category. You don't really see many of them painted up do you, which is a shame.

    I love your weathered paint jobs on them too Demi. Way to go!

  3. Cheers!

    It's just great to know there are still fans of those oldie bastards.
    There are much more waiting for some care and attentipn so I guess I'll just keep you informed =]

  4. Ohh yes! You know how much I LOVE those models, especiall Kevin Adams Necromutants man!!
    Are they really that bad in the game, really?? And you have a leader for them too, can't remember the name of that guy right now...

    My only problem is that I only have DL stuff LOL, and my friend (who's the only real candidate for playing someday, has NOTHING , so how do we do?? Maybe different WZ factions as rivals? :(

  5. The leader is CENTURION ;-)

    And I also have only Dark Legion, just with a few exceptios.
    Heil Algeroth! Heil Demnogonis!