Sunday, July 7, 2019

US heavy mortar


After dealing with Church ov Dagon posse for Dracula's America, it was high time to come back to world war II front and paint some Bolt Action stuff. All in all I think I've already got painted all minis I need for gaming, but there are still some pieces staggering around which can be used to expand the force. 
And heavy mortar is one of such.

The model is second hand piece recruited and washed off a while back. I like the model and hope to see some direct hits in the coming battles. It's 3" template after all which is enough to wreck a building... 

Right: time to check if there are any decals left to draft some more infantry...


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you mate,

      Already started painring howitzer crew:
      fielding 3 HE3 weapons in a platoon should provide lots of fun ^^

  2. Cool models, well painted et nicely based 😄 cheers

    1. Cheers mate, appreciated!

      Not that's a matter but I think I should give a try to paint something more "popular" - these Bolt Action bits aren't much popular, looking at the visits counter.