Sunday, November 17, 2019

Bazooka Jeep (walkthrough)

Hey again,

Apparently I am still alive and kicking despite whole load of shit which was dropped straight on my head recently. End of mourning!
At this moment I am already operating from the new command center and cannot wait to slap some paint on oldie  miniatures which moved with me.

In the meantime decision was made to push the painting (and Bolt Action gaming statistics...) a bit forward. Some time ago I've found an article on Warlord's site about converting bazooka jeep. That nasty bastards seems to be 'uuuge pain in the ass each and every enemy tank crew so I wanted have one as well.
You know, just in case...

The idea in article is about replacing MMG with bazooka set. That's just it. The problem is the gunner is metal piece so it doesn't look natural operating new weapon in remaining original pose. I cannot resculpt the piece so needed other solution, which was replacing that model.

New crew member came from deuce and half truck which I was working on over year ago. Instead of aggressive, "shooting" pose I wanted to see it observing the battlefield, looking for potential target. Here we go.

Basic parts alltogether:

War invalid on the battle station:

Twin bazookas were simply attatched to PVC bit and pinned with plastic rod:

Bazooka missles bag was placed on the seat to make the shooter stand bit higher:

War veteran ready to take his revenge on zee big cat!

And finally - painting:

Job's done!

I must say I like the final effect. From what I know there's no "official" Bazooka Jeep model so each conversion is rather unique and eyecatching.
Especially by alert eyes of tank crews...
Model looks quite the way I wanted but I think next time I might use stronger, more red / orange for basecoat, so the chipped paint looks more distinct (hope it's correct word).

I am trying to get camera settings adjusted to get decent pics using printed background.
No idea wht I cannot make the model look "bright" enough - for some mysterious reasons pics taken on the messy desk look just better. IMO that is...

Take care and watch out for life 'cause it's one mean bitch.

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