Thursday, November 28, 2019

Necromutants - all done!


Finally, after many, many years (first blister was purchased in 1997!) all necromutants in my possession are painted and ready to serve for eternal glory of Algeroth! Bwah, hah, haaah!!!

Quite an achievement especially given the fact painting itself wasn't THAT time consuming...
I mean look at the models - rather easy to paint: 
some clothes, some armour, boots, gun, stupid faces and sand on the base. That's it.
Did I mention stupid faces? Ah yes...

Still these are, I mean: these WERE part of models I've been having since the very dawn of my hobby and even though for many, many years haven't been appreciated by getting paintjob. Partly because these were such a crappy unit during our early "powergaming Warzone" (nimrods and nazgaroths for everybody!), partly - back days I was getting many models having no idea what for. Fresh gamer syndrome I guess... 

But they are here and I am so glad I've finally saved them from the bucket of oblivion.
Looking at them I can clearly see giving a try to simple camo uniform was good idea, too bad I don't have desert game table anymore ^^ 
Still I'm quite sure Algeroth's finest will do their best in any circumstances, no matter how deadly local enviroment might be: cold alien planet or green fields of Normandy...

So here they are, whole brain dead family: three squads led by badass Nepharite.
It's actually  ~700 pts combat patrol I hope to see in action shortly...

Some close ups of the last trio.
I know why these were left to be painted in the very end - it's because of stupid faces of centurion and the monkey with open mouth. Absolutely horrible...

As mentioned in the previous post I was hoping to upgrade a bit Eradicator Deathdroid but since there's just been announced 17th edition of online painting contest on Strategie forum (warning: Polish board) I might reorganize the waiting line and put M4A3 Sherman howitzer in front of Cybertronic device.
Such events are great motivators for paint slapping especially given the fact I need that tank for my Bolt Action US force. And some dry pigments are just about to arrive for testing...



  1. They're fantastic, love the Kev Adams vibe on those, it must feel damn god to have them painted now, wish I hadn't butchered mine for conversions then ^^

  2. Hehe, cheers!

    Yeah, all models look nice gathered into a mob.
    I still have some zombie soliders from Warzone range but I need to take some rest from 90's ugl... eee... beauties ;-)

  3. Ha! I knew that you will start in this! Good luck and "may the best Dwarf win!" :-D

    For those who doesn't remember this scene:

  4. Bah!
    I cannot fight using unpainted model, correct?
    Besides I am still hoping for changing Hellcat into sth fresh... ;-)

  5. Cool! Right, they have that undefinable charm, don't they? I love what you did here :)

  6. Awesome work on the Necromutants!

    The Dark Legion force is looking cracking and I look forward to seeing more of the classic lead!


  8. Kawał dobrej roboty odwaliłeś!

    1. Dzięki, te stare klamoty potrafią się odwdzięczyć jeśli tylko potwierdzi się im trochę uwagi =)

  9. How could anyone go to war without a jar of slime in his belt? Love it!

    Algeroth? Illian may consume you into the void!

  10. Just found your site, these figures came out great. War zone was a game that I always wanted to play. Can’t wait to see more.

    1. Thank you sir!

      Hope to see Warzone zombie swarm painted one day, so many minis to paint, so little time... ;-)