Friday, November 22, 2019

Necromutants squad - nearly done!

Hey all,

Looks like my long-distance plan to get Necromutants painted is nearly executed:
last week I've managed to move 3 more of those brain-deaders to the painted side of the force, so apparently there are only 3 models left: centuriion (squad leader) and 2 troopers.

Funny thing those models:
it's like one / twice every year me and my buddy get into "Warzone nostalgia" which result is playing maybe 2 games and in my case - painting couple of oldie minis.
I really like it must say, that "flashback factor" or as I call it "time travelling" makes painting Warzone stuff more enjoyable then other hobby shit in my possession.
Also kinda makes me feel old ^^

But I also think maybe it's a good thing, to look deep into self, calculate balance of profits and loses, philosophise a bit instead of "just" slapping paint on the toy soliders. Miniatures hobby has many  different aspects I guess.

So below you can see those recently painted trusty Algeroth's soliders.
I tried to keep similar color scheme on the whole squad (like these and blurred these and these ), so they look coherent on the table. As you can see pics taken in 2016 were fucked by Photobucket so looks like sooner or later I'm going to take fresh photos of the collection.

As for the Eradicator Deathdroid you can see in the background, it was painted in 2015
I've always like it: pure killing machine, looks cold and heartless and rather serious, 
not like all those GW walkers with ton of skullzzz, spikezzz, candles (!!!) and other shit.

During moving to the new place sth got wrong: hope the pins I nailed it to the base are ok but the model bends forward, which might request some more glue or maybe extra pinning.
Since it's on the painting station I thought I could upgrade it a bit:
I am about to order some paints so I could get Tamiya's Clear Red and make the chainsaw REALLY gory (that actually reminds me oldie Mayhem's Chainsaw gutsfuck...). I could also add more chipping and give it some oil washing - should look nice on those large surfaces.
Sounds like a plan - but that's after the Necromutant family is complete.

Hail Algeroth!

(PS. it's the first post put also on FB "mirror" of the bloggy if you care to give it a like)


  1. They are so tasty! Great work! Looks very realistic

  2. Thanks a lot,
    Only 3 more and I can move to undead legionnaires! :-p

  3. Absolutely love the work you've done on the classic Dark Legion gribblies!

    The muted colours and rust really work with the chunky sculpts. I'm now following your facebook page too with interest!

    Every time you post some awesome Warzone stuff, you tempt me once again with having a bash at revisiting the classic range!

  4. You are great, fellas!

    I am quite sure my "Warzone-thing" is exactly the same stuff lots or hobbyists have about Rogue Trader. The same nostalgia etc.
    The difference is back days Warzone was WAY easier to get here.
    Poland in 90's was hardcore place to live, only the strongest survived.. ;-)

  5. Painting old stuff is like wanking: no matter how old are you or if you are single or married (with a better/newer game): you'll be always doing it and getting fun out of it.

    Got all the warzone old books and they still sparks something wiggly down there when I see pics of those odd crappy (Tim Prow, the sculptor said so lol) minis.

    The soul that permeate s thru old miniatures translates always into pure fun.

    Skulls and candles are for teenager emo marines. Like your blues better than the official "space wolvey" one.

    Sorry for the comments blitzkrieg. I don't use technology properly so I visit blogs when I feel doing, not like I have a feed.

    I might tho, to stay updated about what people I like but not follow does.

    I follow not. Caveman out.

  6. Muahahaha!
    I am printing the first paragraph with fucking big font and hanging it over the lainting desk! =D

    Thanks for making my day!

  7. Amigo! Love seeing these posts about DL and some Hobby Phylosophical matters :D
    Are you sure you want to finish them?? I mean , if that means moving onto legionaries... LOL (Horrible models, not even nostalgia can redeem them)

    Oh, I really appreciate the emphasis on CANDLES (!!!) , yes, I think the same... How many seconds will that candle last "on" after the first couple steps of the machine?? :D

    Greeting s from Spain!

  8. No, no, no!!!
    Legionaires are supercool! They cannot even be compared with necromutants, evil space-monkeys! ;-)

    Thanks for the feedback!

  9. Oh really?? :D :D

  10. Pfff...
    These were second wave scums!
    Cannot be placed in one row with TRUE legionaires!

    Like this one for example: