Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Test expansion on FB

this time's it's just quick technical announcement.

A while back I've noticed quite a lot of blogs I follow started moving on social platforms: facebook, instagram etc.
I like blogger a lot but looks like the times simple change and people are often interested in getting stuff from a single site, than skipping links. My guess only, that is...

To face the reality (and readers demands) last week I started blog on facebook:
it's rather empty at the moment but I think it's gonna be mirror of the blogger.
That's the idea, never before done anything similar.

So on the right panel there's new "Facebook thingy" button if you care to click it and give a like and from the next post (about oldie Warzone...) stuff should also appear there.

Over and out.


  1. I prefer blogger, but then I am old and wizened. A blogger is like a book or a diary, it takes time to write, but you can always flick back through it. Facebook is like a night down the pub, there's lots of noise, but you cannot remember anything about what was said a week later.

    1. Kinda agree but still gonna give that experiment a try.
      Definitely prefer blogger for reasons you're pointed out.
      Let's give that thing a chance to grow and see what happens ;-)

    2. I'm in the old fart bandwagon too.

      Hate to write down shit, take pics, etc. Common sense (and my way who works with social media on daily bay) tells me Instagram is the way to go...

      In the end is about you giving a fuck about who is checking your stuff or (and?) how many people is doing.

      If you care about how many is doing and you want to pump it up then yeah, you should start with Insta, then FB.

      Over I could not get hits even on grinder LoL.

      Best wishes with social spreading :D

    3. See? Texting from the phone makes me look at least 30% dumber than I already am. Damn predictive text...

    4. Hehehehe... ^^

      After few posts copied on FB version of the bloggy must say there's not much magic from that direction coming.
      I mean, sure - some people can see this and some even comment, but just as Nord wrote:
      post on FB is just one of bazzillion post appearing everyday...

  2. I prefer blogger to but am thinking of adding instagram to my output. We all need to move with the times.