Saturday, October 3, 2020

Cthulhu investigator

I'm bit ill so trying not to get any worse I am sitting home painting some random stuff. Painting and patiently waiting for that damn Vallejo snow effect for KV-2 tank... 

Anyway a while back if turned out my buddy from legal training it also Cthulhu worshipper... Eee... Eee... Meant: Call of Cthulhu player... Yeah... That's correct... 😈 

He didn't know there's whole range of Call of Cthulhu dedicated miniatures so decision was made to paint a little gift. The model comes from West Wind Productions line: a while back I got some models for CoC diorama but somehow that project hasn't been executed yet. 


So here he is: brave investigator confronting horros from beyond:

"Hello, Wilbur! What are you hiding in that shed?"

About to bring some corrupted Dagon cultists to justice:

And accompanied by other "classic" investigators: chaplain and redneck moonshiner:

I want to play Call of Cthulhu so badly right now...


  1. Cthulhu want to play with you...

  2. Replies
    1. Takie było założenie.
      Chyba wygrzebię jeszcze kilku i spróbuję rozbudować grupę badaczy tajemnic... 🤔

  3. That's a pretty nice work, I particularly love the subtleties on the green hues. Great job!

  4. Cheers,

    It's mostly airbrush experiment 😉

  5. Really great color choices (palette) gives the figure the proper looks and mood.

    Get well, don't fall slave of demnogonis!!

    1. Pfff... Demnogonis infestation is like 4evah! 🥰😉

  6. Nice to see that moonshiner in there as an "investigator". Hill people more often show up as cultists, but as they say "some stereotypes are not very empowering". I love the whole lot, anyway!

    1. That's correct!
      I want to run low-class team, so they have to do their best to achieve anything. So no playboys, profesors or such 😉