Sunday, October 18, 2020

Ogre mercenary

After painting some more-less modern stuff time has come for something I wanted to put a brush on for a quite a long time: classic MIDDLEHAMMER OGRE!!! 🤩

I wanted to slap some paint on it for a looong, looong time but was kinda afraid to screw it - such model simply deserves to be painted decently. These ogres in my opinion are the essence of Middlehammer which I consider the best Warhammer period: vibrant colors on official paintjobs, supercool sculpts.

Back days, when I was starting hobby adventure, such models were totally beyond my reach: not menioning the money, there were no hobby stores or hobby community where I lived. Now, when I finally got it done it's like a time travek back into mid 90's...

This ogre is painted as an ally for Middlehammer Undead Army project - the vampire lord is going to use some help of those creatures so you can expect rest of the unit sooner or later...


  1. You were afraid to screw it!!?? :O
    You nailed it! It looks marvellous. I love the skin tones, the whole composition... Everything!!

    1. Thanks, but it took several years to bring it from the shame box to the light. Really - such model is like painting museum exhibit for me 😉

    2. Hard to disgree. The skin tones rock!

    3. Cheers!

      It's brother is now being processed...