Monday, June 14, 2021

38.M Toldi

So after dealing with several models from fantasy and dark (yet pretty pointy-teeth and vivid) future range World War II theme stepped on my painting desk once again. This time it's something rather unique: hungarian light tank 38.M Toldi from Warpainter's range

I must say I got this cute model a while back but couldn't find decals for Hungarian armor. But thank to Marcin, who's running Bolt Action dedicated blog - 4generals (there're tons of supercool photos and scenarios - definitely recommended!) shared some spares with me. Which means long waited painting process could be started! 🥳

Painting was pretty challenging - Hungarian army ain't very popular among Bolt Action players, so there's not much pics of painted miniatures in the webspace (compared to US, Soviets or Germans that is). Basic idea was to give a try to camo pattern. What you see below is the very first WW2 camouflage from under my brush, but I really like the final result. Hope to test it also on 40.M Turan.

After model was sealed I had that strong urge (once again...) to add some mud effect but my experience is after the mud jar is opened I can never stop before model is at least half-dirty. So in order to make it look kinda "clean" I used only dry pigments. Which actually makes perfect sense: the tank got dusty while running away from the soviet front 😊

Hope you like the final result:

And here's the answer to big question: 
why Hungarian army got ass kicked in Soviet Union... 😋😉

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