Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Eldritch Jeep

A while back I painted some Jeeps to support my Bolt Action US force. It turned out there was one more model left. At this stage I have more Jeeps my army can use, so decision was made this one is coming back where it came from - to the manufacturer 😊

Obviously it wasn't supposed to be a "normal" gaming model (more like a souvenir) so it got unusual paintjob and some eldritch junk inside: I imagined it leaving some excavation site or maybe ancient graveyard, loaded with robbed stuff.

Must say I really like the final result - working on model was quick and pleasant (the piece is pretty simple) and adding the bits was just fun (these also came from Warpainter btw). Pink color is pretty unusual on tabletop battlefields but I've painted such models before: Italian Autoblinda and German Brummbar. Choosing unusual colors is ton of fun every time.

So here it is. 
Below - some pathetic christian priest trying to stop grave robber from stealing ancient tomes and mysterious flask (split-second before getting bullet in the stupid head):

And the wheeler in the full grace:


  1. Thanks dude!
    Looking at yout nick ("Classic40K") just thought such colors could be used also on Slaanesh Dreadnought or tank... 🤔😎

  2. Pretty as hell, Demi. Just missing some flowers in the emerald flask :)

    1. It's a bong as it turned out... 😋

    2. well, then it's still missing stuff inside.

    3. How can you tell?
      It's opaque after all... 😎

    4. "Anything's a bong if you're brave enough" ;)

      A nice, unusual piece. The colour gradients are incredible!

    5. Well, you gotta be darn brave to live in Poland so... 🙄😁😉