Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Cybertronic Chasseurs

Looks like Mr Omicron got me good, so I've been grounded for the past few days. After re-launching trusty Fallout 3 and reading some books decision was made to improve painting statistics, therefore squad of Chasseurs was dragged on the painting desk.

I've never commanded Cybertronic force so these are supposed to join post-apo neo-soviet force I've been building recently. They all look like clones of Ivan Drago from Rocky 4, so:

genetic engeneering + cloning + steroids = Cybertronic.

I really do not like painting whole units at once - no matter how hard I try the final paintjob quality is worse then painting one model at the time. And that's what happened here, but it's much faster way to get the job done and I wanted to see them ready for action yet before the isolation  ends. Trying to make them fit the NBC suit squad pants were painted flanker blue. Looking at the photos this element is pretty dull - adding some tearings could be good idea.

Sculpts are pretty simple so I added some decals (squad marks, trendy vintage tank top and tattoo) and contrast bits like Casio-like organizer screen (or maybe they carry Game Boys to battle) and of couse - red visors. They are neo-soviets, so they sure see the universe red...

Squad supported by assault walker:

And whole warband infantry at this stage. Must find proper commander for them, probably with big, red officer hat. Should still have spare oldie Valhallan commisair somewhere...

In the previous post there was a music piece and while I was varnishing the squad another one came to my mind. I am seriously considering naming the squad leader Russel... 🤔


  1. Lovely work on the bulky cyborg bois!

  2. Haha, they are nice! You are right, the decals and details make the difference. Good job!

  3. Cheers guys - Mark Copplestone's stuff is always pleasure to paint 😉