Sunday, October 2, 2022

Oldhammer Weekend 2022 summary

I've just came from Oldhammer Weekend Poland 2022. 
Wasn't sure about getting there at first but I am really glad I decided to move my ass got the event, 'cause it was a blast! 🤗

Whole event started on Friday. There were lots old Herohammer-era games to be played and lots of people from "the branch" to be met (even some guys from the Crown of Command team! 😲), but I only decided to took part in Warhammer Fantasy Battle 5th ed "tourney" and brought some stuff for painting contest - there was not much time for anything else if someone decided to run the campaign.

I had lots of fun - no doubt about it!
Especially the last time I played WFB was over 20 years ago! 😁
As for the campaign I've managed to reach 5th score and brought 2 statues from painting contest: 3rd place in large model category for Warhammer 40000 Carnifex and 1st place for the best army! 😲 That was surprise because there were other stunning armies, and in my opinion - renaissance styled dwarves and savage orcs were true contest killers. But on the other hand - it's great to be appreciated and recognized: 
"So YOU are the guy from Elbląg, who's painting deaders!" 🤣 Here they are:

It was also great to finally meet some fellow painters, who (until now) I knew only by their works. Especially Tymon Ultraa (who robbed most of statues from painting contest 😋) and Kuba (who's savage orcs wiped the desert with my Undead).

Below you can see some of the photos I took during Warhammer campaign and between the battles. I regret I didn't manage to take a try of Gorkamorka, Heroquest and Man-o-War, but hopefully next time I can plan my time little better.

Adam and Piotrek did hell of a great job with bringing another edition of Oldhammer Weekend to existence and hope I'll be able to participate in the next of the event.

The mummy-crushers... 🥶

Undead marching towards Chaos Dwarves positions...

Dwarves defence line...

Dwarves with spears are better then skeletons without them ^^

Some Warmaster manoeuvres:

Group shots of painting contest works:

Classic Herohammer duel-photo:

Savage orcs WAAAAAAAGH! force:

Sunday Evil vs Good (well... more like Neutral) 3 vs 3 mega battle:

Warhammer 40000 3rd / 4th edition match:

Time to order some green stuff and start working on mounted wight lord for the nexxt year! 🤘🏻


  1. Dwarves with spears? I'm too young to remember such miracles.

  2. looks and sounds as though you chaps had a really good time, playing classic games with really well painted figures, well done for showing us what we missed.

  3. Gratuluję trofeów! Świetne zdjęcia.

  4. So much love in just one post!! Pretty cool pics, I'm drooling all over. Congrats on the prizes, they are more than deserved! :D

  5. Zazdroszczę dobrej zabawy. Nagrody zasłużone imo - ale masz rację orki i ChD też były zacnie zmalowane!

  6. Cheers all!
    Yeah, it was a blast and I am really happy I decided to move my ass (I really hate travelling... 😬).

    Really cannot wait to start working on missing models for Undead army - I definitely need something faster than skeletons, so there'll be zombie cavalry and wight lord on vyvern coming soon... 👻

    And thanks for feedback - it's really important if someone is running yet-to-be-extinct-blogger 😁

  7. Congrats man! I told you your Deaders rock! :D
    Looking forward to the mounted Wight! ;)

    1. Thanx dude ^^

      Yeah, I also cannot wait to start working on the wight. At this moment I am finishing large scale figure so hope I can move to the next withing few days 😉