Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Khorne Champion found new home

It took a while but it happened - Champion of Khorne who's been preparing for battle for many years has finally found new home. Kinda by accident.
After coming back from Oldhammer Weekend I decided to re-arrange some miniatures stanting in display cases, which means changing unused models for Undead... 😋

This one was painted long time ago but since I don't have Chaos army it's been only display case model. Really cool but not Undead...
I remember I tried to sell it before but there was no responce. This time new home was found the next day after posting the advertisment. It's surely Oldhammer magic (or Necromantic - cunning Undead lords can do everything to get some more dedicated space in Detlof).

 So farewell Mr Khorne Champion and happy plundering realms of men!


  1. Hopefully he gets to follow his destiny and fight in glorious battle on a tabletop soon.

  2. Wow... A really grim character! I hope the new owner appreciates owning a genuine Demi Morgana original! 🏆

  3. @Kym: I'm sure he will!
    I sent new owner short list of diet for both Champ and his Jugger, to keep them both fit and healthy. Like a virgin every Sinday and village full of tasty villagers every month 😋

    @Allison: Hope for that too, but what I really hope is to learn the courier hasn't f#cked the delivery 😉

  4. So cool! I hope he receives love & blood as Khorne deserves!

    1. Hope for that too - I keep warm feelings for all my models, even those I sold... 😊

  5. @potsiat: Kolejny komentarz, którego blogger nie puścił - cholera wie czemu. Banner to jakiś bibilijny bełkot druknięty czcionką Old English (czy jakoś tak) a potem już washe i pigmenty ile wlezie 😉