Thursday, December 2, 2021

Cybertronic vs Legion battle report

The annual Warzone game has just taken place!!! 🥳

It was also a very special one, because it's been probably the first Warzone game we EVER had using both armies fully painted (not even mentioning keeping the w.y.s.i.w.y.g. rule 😎) on a dedicated battlefield: rocky desert ov Mars. Near Elbląg actually...

To get control over the area 1000 points armies of Cybertronic and Dark Legion were sent to battle. We tried to play fun game so we both avoided fielding overpowered models and units. Whole that powergaming crap was fun like 20 years ago... 🙄

My trusty old foe has modified part of basic rules (especially about initiative rolls, hiding and spotting, point cost of some units) trying to make game more dynamic and unpredictible. Some more changes are to be tested during the coming games.

Forces of Cybertronic:
-    Eradicator Deathdroid,
-    1 squad of mirrormen,
-    1 squad of machinators,
-    2 squads of chasseurs.

Forces of Legion:
-    nepharite of Algeroth,
-    immaculate fury,
-    razide,
-    2 squads of necromutants,
-    2 squads of undead legionairees.       

Both armies were deployed on the opposing sides of the battlefield. Numerous rock formations provided solid cover against potential enemy fire.
Both sides advanced towards the enemy: mirrormen and machinators trying to reach living dead with deadly melee weapons while chasseurs blocking center paths.
At the same time blocks of undead were ordered to move out of Eradicator's visors - napharites know well reanimation is pricey these days while death is cheap...

Despite best efforts of necromutant overseer legionairees were's fast enough, and Eradicator's salvo sent back 4 of them straight back to Algeorth. On the opposite flank machinators rushed forward in order to charge reamimated swarm during the next turn.

But undead swarm turned out pretty deadly if commanded properly: massed assault rifles fire obliterated 2 machinators. Under such a covering fire nepharite advanced to finish off remaining cyborgs.

After turn 1 line of front was clearly  drawn.

Turn 2 was started by nepharite charging machinators. After dealing with 2 cyborgs he also tried to cast telepathic command spell but faild ending the activation.
Chasseurs squad standing nearby directed fire towards necromutants and undead legionairees swarm but managed to destroy only 3 or 4 of them. This meat has been well embalmed!

In exchange servants of Algeroth once again opened fire against advancing chasseurs. Thank to some critical hits 3 cyborgs dropped dead. The remained ones lost their nerves and panicked!
One of necromutants was promised a promotion to centurion if he takes out remaining machinator:
he climbed on the flat hill, aimed well and took a shot actually killing Cybertronic trooper!
Too bad seconds later he was gunned down by second chasseurs squad.
Still - worthy trying... 

On the opposing flank Eradicator could find no better target then razide. First salvo missed the targer. Remaining two hit the spot but thank to thick built-in armour only single wound was inflicted. Razide paid back with well aimed nazgaroth fire: of 9 bullets 3 penetrated the armour and none of wounds was repaired by no-life saving systems!
The Death Egg was on it's last, robot-chicken legs!

In the middle of the field situation wasn't too favourable to Cybertronic:
both squads of chasseurs failed panic tests which made one of them flee!

Round 3 was started by bloodthirsty nepharite who used all the actions to charge pair of panicked chasseurs. All I needed to kill both of them was 18 or less on D20 but Dark Forces' fate run out - I rolled critical miss which made my demonic killer end it's activation.

Wounded razide reloaded heavy machine gun and opened fire before Eradicator managed to re-arm another set of missiles. Once again all bullets hit huge robot penetrating the armour.
For the 4th time saving mechanisms didn't manage to repair the damage. Seconds later Eradicator fell down and ball of fire bursted from the broken hull.

Chasseurs tried to regroup under cover of solid rock but main computer sent orders to gather scattered memory banks and withdraw remaining forces to the base. There were lots of data to analize especially life saving system in Eradicator unit before the rematch.
The battle was over.


It was fun. 
It's always great to see old lead back in action once again - especially fully painted lead. 
It was also good idea to test some modifications of basic rules - the game was definitely more unpredictible and exciting.
According to informations from Dark Legion's well placed spies, Cybertronic A.I. is already planning counter attack so once again the desert will soak with blood, pus and engine grease...

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  1. Ah...a good game and a few beers with a friend...a way to spend an evening. :)

    1. Yeah, definitely good idea to vent after whole week of dealing with crap everywhere... 😉

  2. Nice one. I'm impressed of your tactical insight of my AI.

  3. Fine to see a battle report about Warzone with fine painted miniatures (I did mine some time ago too) ;) Did you played with the Warzone first Edition rules or Second Edition? I like to play with the WZ first edition, for small skirmish with my WZ forces. :)

  4. Awesome battle report and it was fantastic to see some classic Warzone goodies too!

  5. Hah love the pic w/ terminator eyes on the machinator 😎

    That's what real gentlemen do when ladies ain't around. 🦭👍 seal of approval.

    1. What do real gentlemen?
      Like, runawayfrom nepharites? 😋😉

    2. away... or into them in case they are Illian's

  6. Replies
    1. Glad you like it mate!
      It's always pleasure to play with some old junk! 😉