Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mutants? Cannibals? Blasphemers? Count me in!

Heya again,

After very short thoughts exchange with mr Floyd Snotling after my previous post I felt a little bit like being face-slapped with a glove. Well maybe not exactly but...
But strong enought to get hooked by completing 500 pts Skarrd battle group challenge!

I can only hope there is a wife and kid waiting for you at home mr Snotling so we both have equally small amount or free time to get some new toys painted =]
Sadly the biggest problem here is getting any Dark Age models at all so I think I will have to import some infantry and maybe something bigger sometimes later...

Speaking of which - last weekend I managed to assemble and base Father and Bone Doc (pinning his thin fucking arms would be impossible without Dremel gizmo) so my warband is now 160 pts strong. Sure it doesn't really matter until they are painted but it's just a start. I hope to get Raze delivered shortly (another 160 pts hehehe) so there'll be only some cannon fodder to be added.

As for the colors at first I was hoping to paint them similar to the original Brom's works: 
lots of browns, oranges and black. This would look nice with strongly corroded metal elements. But then I realised trying to copy someone's idea and brillant execution will probably turn out like crap, so I changed my mind.

Changed it after spending some time painting the commissioned Galleon purple.
I've realised I have never used much of this color and kinda underestimated it. 
And it's probably the best fluff-wise choice for the Father and hs sidekicks. After all it used to be reserved for royality and top priest superheroes (bishops or any other fat bastards). Skarrds are twisted religious maniacs so they should like the outfits.

And since we're at the twisted matter - there's been small progress on the Galleon again. I really want to see the model painted before moving out.
The purple tone was build using VGC royal purple, hexed lichen and Citadel purple wash - several diluted layers of paint over zenithal base coat. Metalic tone is mix of boltgun metal, black, dark brown and some olive. It's going to be VERY dirty model.


  1. The only thing that can top purple is a sick greenish turquoise and orange! I would paint my outcasts orange, but me and companion agreed to make both our battlegroups dark so they look good against each other... and dark is good for Dark Age I guess...
    I thought about starting next week to collect my force but now that it's getting serious I guess my Relic dolls have to wait and I better start getting some Dark Agers!

  2. Yeah, orange is very tempting: very Brom'ish :)
    The Galleon monster has totally dominated my hobby corner but today morning I managed to work a little bit on the Raze's baze.

    So... Seems like the race is on! =P

  3. Yep, it is. You can check out my progress here's not much so far I have to admit :)

  4. Pfff... So we're at more-less the same stage of the race ^^

  5. you allready build three models ;)