Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Converted Hellhound - "Dagon" (done!)

Hello again,

Last time you saw my latest toy still in w.i.p. stage - I am very happy to say now it's done are ready for battle! Yup, I am taking o"Dagon" for the coming Necromunda game to scorch each and everyone stupid enough to oppose Lords of the Hive!

Painting this vehicle was definitely fun and nice change. Boys like tanks.
I think I like the final result - both conversion and the paintjob. As mentioned earlier wasn't sure about colours chosen for camo pattern but these will fit our battlefield. Although the next one will be painted with brighter tones. And olive.

I was hoping crewmen would distract attention from overwhelming browns bit more, but the're ok anyway - can't remember I used desery yellow + olive combo for uniforms.
Looking at pics I think I could slightly repaint the visors and separate armour plates with bit more dark wash or chalk but still it's more  than fine for gaming purposes.
Hope you like it.

And one more thing:
yesterday postman delivered some goodies to my office: 90's hobby porn - modelling guides. I was hunting these for a while and last week I spotted seller offering whole trio.
Inside there's exactly what I wanted - lots of materials from my best time in hobby - when it was kinda "elite" and hard to reach, when people used to appreciate their models.
Most stuff was metal back then after all.

Those guides should be nice therpy after struggling with that f*cking brick below:
1050 pages of raw, law bullcrap!!! Aaaargh!!!



  1. Splendid look, just the right amount of weathering and customisation for me. Teh blue bits really make the whole thing pop, clever move here.

  2. Cheers, Valhallans are well know in 40k universe for being clever bastards... ;-)

  3. Hmm... I can see from where did you get inspiration for this guy outside... http://tinyurl.com/zjwf7o2 :)

  4. Great looking piece indeed. The colour combination is a winner, and the weathering looks superb. Great work!!

  5. Thanks!

    I found some materials for custom made missle launcher for another one. AllI need is one more Chimera based model... :)

  6. Brilliant!

    I've got all those books too, and they make me smile every time I open them.