Friday, December 2, 2016

Bolt Action in action!

Hey again,

Last month turned out to be absolute painting success in 2016 - at the end of a day 10 pieces were moved from the shameful pile.
It was mostly caused by Bolt Action stuff. I wasn't sure about these sculpts while browsing rulebook for the first time but now I know the game and miniatures range has the potential. It's just nice to finally see all models properly scaled, without stupid skulls or spikes plus WW2 vehicles are damn cool. Mechanics is also nice change after years spent in Necromunda's ash wastes. My only regret is models from other manufacturers than Warlord and Artizan are damn hard to get here. Oh well - at least there's not much stuff required to play 700-1000 pts games.

So since the previus post my US force got some painted support.
First piece is paratroopers light machine gun team. The guys originally come with separate bases but I decided to place them on single 60mm round one.
For several - mostly practical reasons: I could add some more terrain features, gun barrel doesn't stick out beyond bases edge so it's safer in transport, models are connected by ammo belt - it's pretty fragile element and I wouldn't like to see it broken off after a game or two.

I tried to keep the very same color combo as on the other paratroopers - not sure it has much in common with original uniforms but it works just fine for me. Warlord made smart move with releasing boxed unit: there's 10 models inside, everyone has different pose so you can paint them all before getting bored.


The other painted bit is the bazooka team:
While I like paratroopers sculps a lot I cannot say the same thing about all minis from regular infantry line. I guess it's because I haven't got used to them yet.

Painting faces is much more demanding then in other brands I've been collecting so far - since models are properly scaled the faces are much smaller seem to be less defined than in EE line for example. Nevertheless I don't need these two for beauty contest but rather for ripping off enemy vehicles so there's no plastic surgery planned anytime shortly.

And the last piece - the model I like a lot and wanted to see it in my army since I chose playing US: M3A1 halftrack.
I just love the idea of it and the design, period. Really have no idea how it's gonna act in the field but the concept of 3 medium machine guns + heavy machine gun running through battlefield and gunning down enemy infantry is  just sweet. Terrifyingly sweet!

Base colors are same as used on Sherman and M8 scout car but this time some more washes and dirt were applied. There's also less chipped paint and thick mud on tracks - which is something I might work on sometimes later.

Painting this toy was fun - sadly there's probably only one more vehicle I might see in my force ever.  I decided not to glue machine guns yet since I have no idea how it's gonna perform in action.

And the maxitaxi equipped with maximum firepower.

And last but not least - we've finally managed to play Bolt Action match!
Even though only I read the rules we still managed to have lots of fun: rules are playable, game quite unpredictible and fast.

So far we managed to organize some terrain features: my opponent purchased some ruins, woods and lake, I made two more trees sets and some bushes. We placed all on oldie Warmachine dedicated table and whole everything looked much better than I expected:

And some more shots from the match: some questions were born during game mostly about visibility but I hope next time everything will work much smoother.



  1. Cheers dude,

    Painting Bolt Action stuff turned out to be much faster than Necromunda gangers so expect some more in December ;-)

  2. I think I'm going to ask for the starter set for my birthday. Does the game play well?

    1. Go for it mate, I can definitely recommend it:
      as mentioned before it's fast, dynamic, requires tactical planning and it's quite unpredictible thank to drawing order dices.

      Starter provides most infantry you'll need. The only reason I didn't get it is the fact I prefer metal models :)

  3. Good stuff, especially managing to get a game in!

  4. Thanks, Bolt Action got "Discovery of a year" medal from me! ;-)