Sunday, May 30, 2021

Post-apo war bot


This time it's something different yet something I wanted to paint for quite a long time. A while back there was a plan to create post-apo gang based on classic Valhallans sculpts. 
Sadly all I've managed to do was war bot heavy support, which was based on 40k killa kan. 

Never liked the result and was looking for an opportunity to re-do it, which just happened.

First I replaced that silly cannon with napalm drum - flamer ain't most economic weapon after all. As for painting I finally gave a try to warning stripes: the result is just cool, and I kinda regret it hasn't been painted also on other surfaces (front plate or maybe oil drum).

As for red star - the idea was to make the first neo-soviet model for skirmish game my friend's been preparing for a while. There will be swamps, nuclear glow, eldritch creatures and post-apo arsenal so apparently megaton of fun is coming! 👽



  1. That's one fine tin. Climatic as hell.

  2. Oooh, I love it! Pretty nice, I like how you spotted the elements you wanted and turned them into such an invention. So great!

  3. Thanx Sub,

    Yeah, bringing spark of life into old models is lots of fun 😊

  4. Bad ass! It's both peak Dieselpunk-Soviet, and orky as hell!

    Remember coming you can always come back to a model and add to it. So it's never too late to add those extra stripes 😁

  5. Dieselpunk! That's the work I was looking for - cheers! 😁

    As for the rest - I am now planning NBC suit team to support this klanker. I am torn between picking yellow or pale olive.
    Yellow is kinda classic, otoh red star would look soo much better on olive suit... 🤔