Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Camera test

This time it's just technical post.

Recently my trusty camera started acting weird - files started missing or were corrupted somehow, which was even more frustrating given the fact I also take photos for my "normal" job. Serviceman told me it's most probably because camera is running on it's last legs (it's like 11-12 years old). So I was forced to change it for it's modern successor 😕

I'm afraid it might take a while before I get used to the new gear and find proper adjustments for taking pics of miniatures. I can set white balance, I can find autofocus options but I don't think the result is what I am expecting. Judge fr yourself.

Below - Dark Legion's Ezoghlul and Tekron. Some more will follow. At least I can take fresh photos of old models (especially those lost because of Photobucket action):

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