Saturday, June 18, 2022


It's summer time so this time I painted something fitting the season.
Back days, when I was still Warhammer Fantasy player, I've never fielded or even seen mummies on the battlefield - it was really small gaming comminity here and models were hard to get. But I've always really liked those - both Middlehammer styled sculpts and fluff. 

So years later it turned out I've managed to collect 10 models - more then enough for solid and expensive unit (45 points each for 2000 points army!) and now the time has come to give those old beauties a paintjob.  According to the rules mummies are strong and tough as ogres (because of embalming rituals, dark magic or other shit) but you can't see is on the sculpts - these are just man sized. So trying to make them look more models were placed on 25 mm bases instead of 20 mm. That gives some space for little rock and extra bits. Now the unit should stand out marching alongside ordinary skeletons and zombies.

At first I was hoping to paint whole unit at once but decided to split them into small groups. No idea why but whenever I put too many models on the hobby desk - painting's quality clearly drops. And these deserve spending some more attention then ordinary skeletons. 

See? Slightly larger then cannon fodder 😎

And one more scale shot - makes me want to play Curse of the mummy's tomb 😊


  1. While we're not huge fans of mummies (at least in the Egyptian version of Warhammer) we recognize that you did a great paintjob. What year do the miniatures date from?
    We especially like the note of red that you added to the handle of the mace of one of the mummies, very Nineties-style.
    It is also interesting to discover that mummies have the same strenght as ogres: why not think of a fight to the death between ogre profaners and restless inhabitants of the tombs?

  2. Cheers mate! 😊

    Models are from 1992 - the date I haven't heard anything about The Hobby yet. I had other sh!t to do in primary school ^^

    Glad You noticed the red tone - all in all mummies are just staggering bandages, so any idea to break monotone color is good.

    As for the last thing - ogres fighting mummies ain't something unimaginable: I can see ogre mercenaries providing muscle for band of adventurers / outlaws from Border Princes... 😉

  3. Ohhh, I remember these, I Hadn't seen them in a while! Lovely job, you nailed them :D

  4. I love the colour you gave these delightful sculpts.

    Fielding a big unit of mummies in my undead army is on my bucket list (but I think they're like 80 points each or something in 1st edition, so I've never quite gotten around to it!)/

  5. Hehe, thx! 😊

    Yeah - I've also found these models just supercool, very characterful. Kinda remind me mummies from Heroes of might & Magic 2 - I imagine them making silly noises while approaching to the enemy line! 😁

  6. Hard not to love these minis. Nice, pale paint job :)