Friday, November 11, 2022

Undead army wyvern #2

Undead army just got another fast attack unit.

After finishing the "serpentine" wyvern I was actually hoping for a bit more from the rider. Thought it would be bit more "epic" - it's wight lord after all. On the other hand it's just better dressed and armoured skeleton so I guess it fits the mount. To make it more coherent with the other units model got black-and-white stripes on the shield. It got spike in the middle 'cause shield to hide the pin - don't want it to fall off in the heat of the battle...

It's a big model so I tried to take some herohammer styled pics for group shots. Using large game mat was good idea but the landscale background is just too small. I think I'll just have to paint one sometimes instead just using prints.

So here they are:
diving from the blue sky to bring death and destruction to the empire of men! Bwah! Ha! Ha!

Another scale shot:
(most probably) about to get dead-ass kicked bit time by Khorne's daemon prince:

And here matched duel with greenskins wyvern:

Supporting unit of zombies:

This is where the magic happens. Looking at the picture I am quite sure I need like twice wide background for taking pics of large units or armies. The game mat I use comes from terrains4games - definitely recommend stuff they make!

And some close ups:

Thanks for reading.
Next stop: dark future... 💀


  1. The final composition looks impressive. I love the guy, and all the pics are ace!!

  2. Glad you like it dude! 😊
    Wasn't sure about it when I was starting painting, but this old dragon surely have some charm 🙂

  3. The flying squad looks awesome! :) Love the rider mini. I used it as the standard bearer for my Black Knights.

  4. Cheers!
    At first I wanted to replace sword with a lance, but I got the model with broken off arm so imo that would make the model way too fragile (it's still assembled as gaming piece).