Thursday, December 1, 2022

Alakhai the Cunning

Alakhai is well over seven feet in height. His armor is forged of petrified human souls, it's surface etched with runes telling of the atrocities he commited to acquire such protection. 
His piercing eyes cast a fiery glow across his thin lips and sharp teeth, which are always visible through his maniacal smile. 
Always accompanying Alakhai onto battlefield is the Meat Wolfer, his huge battle sword...

Well that shit freaks me out! 😱
And those tiny guys on the pic below most probably have already fouled their panzer pants after they noticed it's Meat Wolfer's feeding time... 🥶

Anyway I've finally done it - after all those years my Dark Legion got worthy commander!
This model is kinda special (most of Warzone models I have are kinda special): 
official Paul Bonner's artwork was one of my very first Warzone pictures I spotted back and on that very moment I just knew that was it. That second I was sold to the Dark Soul...

No matter how cool the artwork is, model is just... Well - oldschool Warzone style: maybe cool but also kinda goofy. Color choice was based on "official" paintjob I spotted in Mutant Chronicles zine. The plan was to add more red elements (like armor edges) but dropped it - I am more then sure such thing would look just flat. Red cloak is test piece: I want to add unit of acolytes wearing red robes. They should look striking especially on grass green battlefield. The final result is ok, but next time I'll use violet instead of dark brown the shading.

Like most models I have this one is second hand. I got it slightly damaged - the rim on right back shoulder pad. The top of the horn was also broken so I cut it off and replaced with greenstuff prosthesis. I made it bigger then original horn: it makes Alakhai even more badass and besides we all know what do girls say about nepharites with big horrrrrrns...

I'd love to ask the sculptor about the gem on left knee. No idea what was the idea behind it but my guess is round piece of greenstuff was left there by chance. Accident at work. On the other hand - old Warzone sculpts were specific and gem on knee ain't most weird thing...

And since this one is painted it's time to modify army composition for the coming game...


  1. Very nice work: the red that the big guy lost in the details of the armour he gained in the cloak. We like the dark shade of the red-brown coat: perhaps the purple would not have matched the palette of Bonner's artwork. When does the mini date?

  2. Cheers dude!

    I just asked him - he hopes to meet some nice lady Saturday night, but The Date with band of cyber-enchanced steroids is in about 2 weeks 😊

  3. Nice job indeed! I love the palette and how you made the mini work. So cool!

    1. Thanks Suber - glad you like it!
      As for palette it's not my invention but I borrowed it from official paintwork. There;s no need to make our hbby harder then it already is 😉

  4. Absolutely awesome! I spotted your post over on the facebook and its brilliant to see how nicely the classic sculpts paint up!

  5. That cloak is amazing!

    I don't think that this sculpt is too goofy, as warzone sculpts go. I've definitely seen worse.

  6. @Allison: oh yeah, that's for sure! like 90% of 1st ed Brotherhood stuff! ^^

    @Spacecow: so glad you like it! 😊
    I totally agree - old models given fresh paintjob look just double cool!

  7. Ależ pocieszne te stare warzonki :) Wyciągnąłeś z niego malowaniem, ile się dało.

  8. No zdecydowanie fajowe zabawki 😊
    Na pewno wyglądałby fajniej, gdybym miał lepszy patent na malowanie metalików. Może przy kolejnym nefarycie się uda.