Wednesday, December 21, 2022

The secret kohorts #2

The Cult ov the skull is getting stronger! 🤘💀🤘
It's strong enough to face such a monstrosity as most terrifying nepharite of Demnogonis!

Another trio of worshipers has just joined (modest) ranks of the secret kohorts. I tried to use more-less the same color combo like before to make the squad as much coherent as possible (it was good idea to note them down). Although this time robes look more red then before. It's probably because I didn't use this silly "rapsberry red" wash from Vallejo line.

I like the final look. Metalics should be more shiny, but these are just gaming models so I can sure live with that. What I don't like it that not planned red "hue" on random elements (gloves, shoes). It's not any attempt of object source light or weird shading, but simply screwed masking. including characters there are still 7 models from the range to go, so I have to be more careful with airbrush and masking tape next time. 

Dark gods don't like their cultists spreading death and destruction while wearing dirty robes...

These 6 guys are just enough to form small unit which might be included in the coming Warzone game, so there's a chance I can finish piece of terrain (statue of the Dark Soul 😈) for battle report. Fingers, hooves and horns crossed for that!


  1. Akolita z CKM - jedna z moich ulubionych figur! Wszyscy bardzo fajni - sekREDna kohorta :)

  2. @Sub: they sure have! Really looking forward to see dozen of them standing on the battlefield but on the other hand I'd like to paint rather something different already.
    This b!tch is getting bored quickly! 😋

    @ES: Red Dead Redemption 😎
    Będzie jeszcze jeden z Chargerem ale to chyba jakiś Zakrystianin - w durnych naramiennikach i jeszcze durniejszej masce.

  3. Thank you Warburton!
    I am now finishing Evil God statue and hope to get more cultists done after this is ready to be worshipped 😉

  4. Nice work and the result is a fearsome warband! Except that to please the Dark Gods their creator must learn to lie shamelessly: "Those red traces? But obviously they are a special effect that I really wanted to give to the miniatures..." 🤥

    1. Well I can also take pics to hide "wrong angles" 😊
      But they are there, believe me... 😒