Friday, April 14, 2023

Demon hunter (Mishima)

I was actually hoping for painting some more undead legionnaires for nephatire warlord's squad, but instead decision was made to work on rather unusual piece for my taste: 
not only alive but also pretty bright 😁 My latest victim was demon hunter from late 90's.

Mishima models are just supercool. The idea of sci-fi samurai faction supported by cool models is something you cannot pass without turning back. Sadly when it comes to playing games I am monogamic and my sould has been sold to forces of darkness long time ago, so don't think I will command Mishina force ever. But that doesn't mean I cannot paint something from that range for a change.

Until I started working on the piece I wasn't sure about the sculpt: I used to think it's just medicore. But I changed my mind just after applying undercoat - model is simply great and not just for oldschool standards. As for color choice I tried to keep it less cartoony then official Warzone paintjobs. Initially the blade was supposed to be painted bright silver but then I thought Ki-force ensorcelled, hot as hell blade is way more suitable to face monstrocities like Alakhai the Cunning:

Here demon hunter is dealing with remains of local secret kohorts:

The model is actually gift piece so it might see some combat tomorrow night and after that it starts the journey to the recipient. And next time: evil machine should roll in... 👾


  1. You were right to specify that your soul is always sold to the Darkness anyway, because the word "Betrayal!" was emerging in our brains as soon as we saw the title. 😈
    We like the palette you adopted: the white armour differentiates it from the raspberry kohorts, without appearing unnaturally immaculate; on the contrary, the wear and tear of long battles is clearly visible... The hell sword makes an effective chromatic contrast.
    Perhaps it is wise for the samurai to leave early, before the kohorts take it out on him, all against one!

    1. Bah! Tonight we shall see can this blade be used for enythin better then lighting Alakhai's cigarette! 😈