Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Dong ov Doom

Since I am still on Warzone wave and we've already had 3 Warzone games this year ( 😲) decision was made to pimp my trusty Dark Legion force a little bit so further battle reports pics are even more juicy. Apparently one of the most evecatching models from the old range is Unholy carronade. Yup - that's that self-propelled evil penis artillery.

My current version was painted 9 years ago and must admit I still like it (apart from the fact photos were fu#ced by Photobucket), but there's no weapon which cannot be improved by my loyal tekrons. After all - it's been in under my command for 9 years! 
Last time apart from fresh paintwork I changed original silly skulls-wheels for Ramshackle games set but now I wanted it to be more all-terrain vehicle, so tekrons put it on tracks.

At first I wanted to use solid, tank hull, to make it look even more serious, but then I found my buddy had spare Bren Carrier model from Bolt Action range. It turned out using this model should make Carronade keep original size (more less). Besides those slim, tiny tracks make whole piece look cute and goofy, so it fits old Warzone line of models just great.

It's been a while since I painted any vehicle from WW2 range so the hull got camouflage based on Jagdpanzer 38(t) and 38.M Toldi which were painted for Axis Hungarian army (sadly - I haven't painted anything else for this force). The cannon itself was slightly damaged while dismantling, so I decided to give it fresh paint. Extra bits come from WH40K Chaos vehicle sprue - for even more demonic goofyness.

Looks like it's high time to prepare new army list, roll out that beast to the front line and spit some seeds of doom over enemy army... 👺

And here with the mandatory crew. Hope to repaint some old undead legionnaires next time I bring Warzone stuff on the painting station, so fresh gun has fresh operators:

And for everyone who thought I might've used my very own dong instead of Algeroth's one for the clickbait photo - you were pretty wrong. You pervies... 🙄😁


  1. Hmm... I always knew that Algeroth has no balls.

    1. Zee Balls of Doom shall be painted the next time... 🥚🥚