Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Fiend of Slaanesh

The very first, freshly painted member of the upcoming Chaos army of Slaanesh has just arrived: 75 points worth (according to 6th edition rules) chaos spawn upgraded to (potentially) deadly fast fiend of Slaanesh. I wanted to paint some miniatures from that daemon-line for a long, long time because the these were models (well, among some others...) which lured me into Games Workshop tar pit trap. 

I saw it for the first time in WD #218, which was birthday present from my bro. At that time Chaos army was getting new sculpts and until now I consider most of them simply brilliant (most of beastmen line for example). Daemons also got fresh toys, but during whole time wasted... eee... spent in the hobby I've never managed to collect even a single daemons unit and field it anywhere: 100% metal based army was just way over my budget. 

Until now I got just some random models from daemon army - mostly in exchange for other stuff or painting service, and that's how I got this stingy bastard. Wasn't sure about color choice at first, but I am really glad decision was made to make it look more "natural" instead of super-colorful. It's just more convincing.

Claws and sting were supposed to be more red instead of orange (again... πŸ™„) but all in all I like the final result: I might use something similar for chaos knights armour. Just have to practice is and note down color combo. Right: time to start searching parts for the second spawn/fiend so the Rare section of army is ready for action 😈

Last but not least: whole that 6th edition project was caused by random chat with Piotrek G. - thanks for pushing the right buttons, Chaos Gods won't forget about you 😁

And scale shot compared to lil' ungor: that shield doesn't seem to make any diffetence πŸ˜‹

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