Sunday, May 21, 2023

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. #2

This time there'll be no dong-swinging - we're back on Earth. Postapocalyptic Earth... 🤖

Last year after reading Michał Gołkowski's "Stalker" novel decision was made to paint a model from post-apocalyptic range. I had only 2 pieces like that so just before winter the first of Stalkers left my painting station

That one was placed in winer scenery, but since there's summer just ahead I thought it might be good idea to finish whole post-apo line in my possession (short line of 2 models...🥺). 
Just like before I had lots of fun working on this rad-dude. 1/35 scale brings lost of cool details and such models are just great display pieces. Which reminds me - I think I might place small display case into my office, in order to make it look less like a mortuary and to distract attention of any clients which might stagger into my trap... Errr... Office that is...

That's it for now. Thank you Michał for bringing rad-zone to our homes 😁

And the group shot of rad-brothers:


  1. Dammit, that's awesome. It really looks scary!

  2. It's a shame that they are only display dolls and never gonna see the battlefield.

  3. @Suber: Hell yeah - staggering in the rad zone is scary! 😵

    @Tucznik: It's actually good for you: it would be such a shame to get a$$ kicked by bunch of "display dolls"... 🤪

  4. Great paintjob and awesome bases.