Thursday, June 8, 2023

Fiend of Slaanesh #2

Looks like fiend of Slaanesh I painted recently just got twin-brother (or sister - you can never be 100% sure with Slaanesh stuff). They are supposed to be part of the same battle force, so I tried to keep the same, or very similar color palette. Must say I really like the way they look standing on classic green battlefield. Brings back memories of Middlehammer era.

I hope to start working on 6-men strong unit of badass chaos knights soon. I never liked that official vivid pink or purple color of Slaanesh armour (frankly in my opinion that looks like sh!t) so thinking about final look of the main unit of the army took pretty lot of time. Now, having both fiends done, I think "crabby" tone of claws and stings is something what should do the job. That combined with black horses and steel armament should looks striking as hell, when placed on juicy green field of battle.

So here there are - about to rip apart block of zombies somewhere on Elbląg outskirts:

And mr brother / sister himself / herself. Not sure about color of the scales - might repaint that part one day (too much washes and dry pigments):

And here crab-daemons guarding general of chaos warriors army (515 points according to the current army list):



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you sir!
      Nice to know there's someone else reading my stuff - apart from me 😋

  2. Bardzo ciekawa kolorystyka fiendów. Dobrze się prezentują.

  3. Excellent work with the fiends! I like the colours you chose to the claws and skin especially