Friday, September 4, 2015

Lich Lord (not Lichemaster though) - review and walkthrough, part 3

Hey again, the painful adventure continues.

Since the last time I managed to slap some paint on the lil' skellie and the pony.
That doesn't seem to be much but this model doesn't want to cooperate at all. There are minis you enjoy painting and there are the others.
Chariot of the Harvester is one of the others.

Since there was not much painting there cannot be much babbling (this time).
I painted the dead kid first - it's nice accent, pretty wicked. This character is just some bones wrapped in dirty rag so paintjob is neither spectacular, but the sculpt is cool:
it's very delicate - there's lots of fine details. There's also creepy bit - the skellie is carrying skeleton-ragdoll on it's right arm.

There was more fun painting the pony.
It was painted with olives and some broken reds for the contrast. It turned out rather bright but that should contrast nicely with dark base and dark chartiot frame.
This sculpt is very delicate - it's legs are so raw-boned I didn't dare to pin them. Instead I glued bars (or whatever the proper name of those bits of metal under minis feet is) straight into base. Model has already been varnished but I am planning to sprinkle some mud on it when the chariot is ready. Maybe not as much as on my Gone muddin' painting challenge entry but there still should me lots of mess.

Ok, pics time. And speaking of rotting ponies - clicky!

And that's how big the thing will grow.
It will be more impressive because of large banners on each side.
Really cannot wait to see it done... No more Gamezone. Speaking of which - I should have spare GZ knight (a'la EE Empire / Bretonnia) if anyone needs.



  1. I love it, there's a real vibe in here, the etting on the base, the seated skelleton and all, really evocative, can't wait to see it completed !

  2. Thanks,

    Yeah - I also cannot wait to see this piece off my desk.
    There're some G.Morley's ghouls waiting for me...

  3. Looks gorgeously gruesome so far! I love it...can't wait to see it finished!

  4. Thanks all!

    Last night skellie-book handler was painted, really want to see it off my desk by the next weekend :)