Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Converted Hellhound - "Dagon" (under construction)


The previous post was quite a success (apparently there's still large demand for vehicles in the hobby) so here's another one coming: Hellhound.
I've always liked this model - the concept of 20 ton fire spitter wreaking havoc on the battlefield is just delicious! Original model EE was nothing special though - bag of bits to be added onto Chimera hull. Not mentioning these were rather silly bits - I mean, for fuck's sake - napalm tanks outside the tank? Just under rotating flamer turret???

Easy now... Easy... Inhale... Exhale...

So recently I've spotted really cool Chimera conversion - basicaly the turret section was moved back + some other minor changes. After spending some time browsing google pics it turned out such modification is quite popular - it makes the tank just sweet.
I decided to give a try to something similar. Not mentioning I had some oldschool tank crewman almost totally forgotten buried in the pile of shame.

I got the model and started cutting. I was shit scared - I've never performed such a severe operation on brand new model before. Hands were shaky but it was a success.
Below is overall shape - decision was made not to add too much extras (tools, weapon cases, spikes, whatever) on the model. I imagine it as Ash Wastes war machine - it has only what's absolutely necessary and nothing more.

I already have idea for another one - also converted model, which will be either mobile communication center (with some extra armour and 'uuuge antenna), engineering vehicle (dozer blades) or tank / bunker destroyer (lascannons). This one will be painted with greens and shall be named Hydra ooor... Dagon 2*.

Anyway - here's the model shortly after surgery:

And here - after some airbrush fun.
I must say after taking masking film off I had very mixed feelings about the result - in fact I wanted to repaint it right away. But after some time I though there's a chance it won't be horrible in the end:
there'll be lots of parts painted with metalics, there'll be chipped paint, crew should also distract viewers' attention from the browns.
Yeah... There might be potential to be excavated in the end!
Not mentioning out battlefield is painted with browns mostly so tank should fit it just fine. Hope you like it so far.

Btw - there's 5th member of EM4 scavengers gang in the back, 4 more to be repainted and there'll be another full painted Necromunda gang in mu possession! Mwah,hah,hah,ha,haaaa...

*Lovecraft be praised!


  1. No. I'm actually liking that scheme. Get it weathered and it'll be cracking.

  2. Really cool looking, I love tanks with a bit of life like those rather than the cold serious type. Greta camo, waiting for some battle damage now !

  3. Thanks,

    Can't wait to apply chipped paint - until this happens I cannot add tracks and glue the crew.

  4. I love those tank riders. Really make the model!

  5. Yup - oldschool stuff rocks :)

    There'll be only one sitting on the tracks armour - the other one will be moved onto Dagon 2 (or Hydra, haven't decided yet).

  6. Wooow, impressive! I really like what you did here!!

  7. That looks great! Once you add some weathering etc etc it will really come together!


  8. Thanks all!

    I am now applying decals... ;-)

  9. Not sure if it's my computer, but it's looking like the photo links are broken. :(

  10. Hot damn, you're right! =/

    But it's photobucket's fault - Istore my stuff there:
    "Hang In There!
    We're down for maintenance, but we'll be back shortly."

    Please give the bloggy a try shortly.

    1. All back - and now I can confirm, this is excellent work. :)

    2. Cheers mate!

      Stay tuned - there's more where it came from... ;-)