Friday, July 22, 2016

19 years in the war zone...


As mentioned last time summer belongs to Warzone. That's it. (I actually have some theory about it but don't think anyone is interested in reading it).
I was hoping to paint something from Dark Legion but all in all I chose bauhaus seregant.
The pose is just sooo static, but the sculpt has special place in my heart: 
it was one of the very first models we had in home back in 1996 or 1997 (I remember it was winter), when my brother purchased bauhaus captain, seregant, heavy machine gun operator and 4 troopers.
Though my bro quickly quit gaming there was no hope for me and purchasing my first models was just the matter of time. Short time.

I've always liked official bauhaus color scheme - clean and crisp painting. I have no idea how were those models painted and was the "flashy" effect the matter of painting only or maybe varnish / photography. Nevermind.

As it happens my old friend is having birthday shortly so I though painted model would be nice gift. Solid plinth and statue pose of the model makes thole thing nice paperweight.

The text on base says:
"35 years on the planet, 19 years in the war zone: respect!"
So happy birthday, you old bastard!
Prepare youself for solid spanking on the gaming board shortly!

And something more.
Something really old and nice: oldhammer classic!
Recently I finally recieved Warhammer Fantasy Battle rulebook, from it's ancient era. The tome is just full of lovely artwork and color pages with lots and lots painting ideas.
That brings back memories of WFRP gaming when I was still in high school. Looking back those were such carefree time, sometimes I think it was just like another life.
And it probably was.

Take care, hope you are still Warzone hungry!


  1. Awesome work, such a cool model.

  2. Thank you a lot!

    Immacutale fury is next in queue so hope you like Algeroth stuff ;-)