Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Warzone: Billy and Nepharite of Muawijhe

Hello again,

Half of summer break has just passed (of course for those who have summer break...) so as I wrote in the previous post - more Warzone goodness arrives.
This time there are 2 evil-doers: special character Billy and nepharite of Muawijhe.
I am far from judging someone else's sculpting work (especially all I can use modelling mass for is filling gaps) but let's be frank - these two are not the most fortunate models from the old range (diplomatically speaking). And that's even for old WZ standards.

But since I had them in the lead pile and used to field nepharite many, many times in the back days (this cocker had 6 action points!!!) they sure deserved some care and attention.

So let's start with Billy.
This little pest is just really medicore special character. Thats's it: pity characteristics, special rules aren't mindblowing either. As for sculpt - well, you can judge youself (his face looks bit like Jack Nicolson's, pretty badass. The best part of the model).
I cannot recall I've seen it in action ever, in fact I purchased the models last year (?) together with some missing stuff and decided to give it a try.

I tried to paint it close to the artwork: red pants, black/violet leather jacker, blue jumper. Horrible combination, definitely worthy devoted chaos cultist.
Painting this one was nice and easy, I am pretty satisfied about the final look and had lots of fun working on face, but once again metalics got screwed. Even though in the flesh it doesn't look horrific I am more and more convinced to try nmm (or anythig similar) to take decent photos. Maybe on the next one. Adding grey paint to silver maybe.

See? See? Shining!
"Here's Johnny!"

And the other dude: nepharite of Muawijhe.
This model was must-have unit in my old battle groups - 6 action points says everything. Sadly despite cool artwork and nasty game stats the model looks for me like sort of cosmic granny wearing bath cap... (yet it's still better than Billy).

The model you can see is the second copy in my possession - the one I got in the 90's suffered severe damage from failed conversion experiments so best thing I could do was leaving it under lead burial mound.
I remember I tried to arm it with brotherhood sword and added 6 horns which ended up with thumb amputation. As for horns - back days I didn't have small drill so I carved "sockets" for placcy horns with modelling knife. Result was just fucking drastic...

As for painting - again I tried to stay close official color scheme. It's just really striking and in my opinion fits well servant of the Lord ov Ultimate Madness. Watching at the piece in the glass case I think this idea has lots of potential and it would be great to see it's modern incarnation - with all those chains swirling around and maggots looking like maggots, not like bucket of noodles.

That was for you, guys from Prodos, you hear me? Poland demands new nepharite! ;-) 

Hope you like this update. Next time there should be something about terrain building.
And more Warzone!


  1. Doesn't Billy has tattoo on his face?

  2. @Paweł: nope, as far as I remember he has that stupid haircut.

    @Michał: Cheers mate, Warzone fooo-evaaah! ;-)

  3. Solidny kawał metalu ten nefaryta;)
    I fakt, jeden z mniej przyjemnych ówczesnych produktów całej linii (ale i tak nic nie przebije znacznej części Bractwa, rzeźbionego przez Tima Prowa na odwal się, bo przebywał wówczas głównie w alternatywnej rzeczywistości Ultima Online;)).

  4. No taaa...
    No ale 6 akcji jest stanie upiękrzyć absulutnie wszystko! :D

    Kurde, naście lat temu oglądałem Twoje malowanie w M&M, teraz Ty oglądasz moje. Brawo ja! =]