Monday, July 27, 2020

A Forest (terrain piece)

Hey again,

This time some raw nature: piece of wargaming forest.

We actually have been using these trees for a while but their bases were kinda f#cked so I decided to refresh the terrain piece. 
I always wanted the forest to be thick, so it looks nice on battlefield, but in such a forest there might be a problem with placing models - especially larger ones.

The solution is making part of the foliage removable.
In fact planning took more time than execution itself:

1.    I prepared base large enough for ~20 trees,
2.    Got lasercut round bases for the moving trees + slots for the bases,
3.    Glued the slots on the base and finished it with pva glue and sand,
4.    Attached trees,
5.    Airbrushed paint on trees, added some washes and pigments on the base, 
6.    Applied some drybrush on the sand and Voila!

Nice forest! It surely is safe!

Especially with necromutant park rangers staggering around...

And Hellcat to prevent cartoony bear from stealing picnic baskets!

And the same forest with trees moved out:
now there's even enough space for Necromunda / Ash Wastes "Mjolner":

The walking trees - good enough for loosely growing foliage:

Hope to bring some painted junk next time...


  1. That's nice! Refurbishing old stuff is refreshing from time to time :)

  2. Nice work. Having the rmeovable sections really makes them much more versatile for gaming!

  3. Cheers!

    @Suber: being eco + recycling stuff is in fashion now ;-)

    @Azazel: exactly! Especially - new bases will prevent trees from constant falling in the heat of battle ;-)

  4. Definately you should add some red cape with blood effect. ;-)

    1. I'll consider it when working on the second one... ;-)