Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Beep! Beep!

Hey again,

This time my US force got some new toys to deliver flamethr...  Eee... Eee... Democracy! Yes! Democracy! To deliver democracy even faster!

Recently I got some more fresh prints from Warpainter - this time it was US army Jeep bundle. It's the third attempt to paint models from this manufacturer after M12 GMC and Renault FT 17 and must say I am very pleased about this stuff. Printed models sure have pros and cons but it's just great source of models unavailable from the major players. 
Especially if you plan running army of Italy or Hungary... 🤩

Below is what you get in the box: 3 Jeeps including armored one and one with tarpaulin. Models require little cleaning .and because of simple construction painting is pretty fast: it took me 2 evenings to paint each of these.

As for cons - these wheelers have no crew 😑
On the other hands the intelligence reports some works about it have already been undertaken so you just better check Warpainter's site once in a while...

And the Jeep family alltogether:



  1. Absolutely lovely work on the Jeeps!

    The colours are really vibrant for a era where I usually see drab paint schemes.

  2. Cheers guys!

    @Spacecow: yeah, that was kinda the idea 😊 I have several cars in the army and decided to paint them bit different to make the army look more interesting on the battlefield. We all know that keeping contrast is the key 😉