Saturday, April 3, 2021

M8 Easter egg

Some quick bloggy feeding before bringing something more serious 😉
Easter daemon is nearly here but looks like the video game I ordered for my kid won't arrive before middle of May 😑 Stupid thing, but none self-respecting dad can leave the kid without a souvenir on Easter, Xmas or any other similar occasion, correcto?

Several times before he mentioned he likes M8 Scott I painted recently so decision was made the model needs new home and new master. It was painted for gaming purposes but it actually never seen game table which makes is even better gift: no bullet holes etc. 

And since the howitzer got promoted to the special gift, it also recieved special display base - it simply makes storing easier and looks much better from a distance. Besides just like in case of Mordred the Damned I put some special dedication on the bottom.

The piece is attached to the base by 2 cut screws - this prevent model from falling off but at the same time it can be taken off any time to stand against  boy's LEGO horde 😊 

Merry Easter lockdown!

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